Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Illegal alien from Venezuela tries to rob Ohio bank using translator app

 Ohio: 81 year old man who was a grandparent scam victim shoots and kills Uber driver who came to pick up the money; driver apparently not involved with the scam


Comment about revenge taken by scammers by victims by Professor Anthony Pratkanis:  Historically, these sorts of revenge attacks on con grifters are not uncommon.  That is why con criminals have developed extensive methods for "cooling out the mark" and "the blow-off."  And they seemed to do that in cases like this as well, either by hiring a legit Uber driver or by placing another (lower level) person who is in on the scam between them and the victim.  I think people are becoming increasingly upset and angry at the level of fraud and scams we are all experiencing.  A recent study found record levels of people reporting that they had been the target of a fraud attempt and a desire for action to be taken to stop these scams.
US cyber agency issues emergency alert to federal email systems using Microsoft over threats by Russian hackers; must take immediate steps
Brooklyn: Canadian/French citizen gets ten years prison for mass mailing fraud claiming to be a psychic and telling people they would win large sums in a lottery; victims had to send back $20 or more; took in $175 million; used names Maria DuVal and Patrick Guerin
BBB updates my 2020 study on nonexistent vehicles sold online
  • Complaints to the BBB jumped sharply in 2023
  • Scammers also advertise campers, motorcyles, farm equipment
  • New wrinkle is scammers sending people to a fake VIN search site, claiming to be like Carfax; victims enter credit card numbers, get charged
  • Three quarters of victims over 45
  • Original study here
 Oxford and New South Wales Canberra release study on top countries responsible for cybercrime
  • In order, Russia, Ukraine, China, US, Nigeria, Romania, and North Korea

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