Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Reputational Damage: Luna Year

"We all know that funny feeling of filthiness, of contagious ickiness. It's a feeling we call the prick of conscience when we make a compromise that we have doubts about. So we think about it again and again, and... we even worry about it somewhat, even though the compromise may have made life easier, compared to what would have happened had we not made it. But for myself...I see that my bravery comes out of cowardice, because I am afraid of feeling that ickiness of feeling that I've done something wrong, that I've made an undesirable compromise, that I've side-stepped; and conversely when I do something that I know is right, I can even have a feeling of euphoria."
Vaclav Havel

A senior Chinese diplomat referred to Australians who criticise China as “scumbags” in a speech to business leaders last week – but the insult was quietly omitted from the English-language translation.

Speaking at a Lunar New Year dinner in Canberra last Thursday night, China’s Deputy Head of Mission Wang Xining defended the country’s handling of COVID-19 and hit out at media organisations in particular, saying there were “some people in Australia who choose to make enemies to sustain a living” and that they had “brainwashed” the public with “negative portraits of China”.

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Microsoft: Chinese Hackers Have Been Exploiting Our Email Product to Steal Data

Lucas Ropek

Published 9 hours ago: March 3, 2021 at 12:55 pm

In the latest in a string of security-related headaches for Microsoft, the company warnedcustomers Tuesday that state sponsored hackers from China have been exploiting flaws in one of its widely used email products, Exchange, in order to target American companies for data theft. 

In several recently published blog posts, the company listed four newly discovered zero-day vulnerabilities associated with the attacks, as well as patches and a list of compromise indicators. Users of Exchange have been urged to update to avoid getting hacked.

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