Friday, March 13, 2020

Black Friday with Nietzsche

Philosophy won’t make you rich.
Philosophy won’t make you wise.
But if it’s your passion, don’t switch.
Delight in your cognitive highs.

The six best doctors: sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet 

Peter Dutton diagnosed with coronavirus

The Home Affairs Minister tests positive for COVID-19 after waking up with a temperature and sore throat. He insists he feels fine.

Australian Taxation Office offers help to virus-hit businesses 

Australian Taxation Office commissioner Chris Jordan has told businesses struggling to keep compliant in the face of the coronavirus crisis to “reach out” to the government revenue agency. “Our message to businesses feeling the impact of the coronavirus is simply...

ATO announces relief for businesses hit by COVID-19
My Business

Unexplained Wealth Order focuses on London mansion  

Loan charge: MPs in 'fraudsters' row with HMRC  

UN launches landmark high-level panel to tackle illicit finance  

Treasury to Recommend Delaying Tax Payments for ‘Virtually All’ Americans

Leadership, not alarm, will help us confront this pandemic

As Youth Suicides Climb, Anguished Parents Begin To Speak Out

It’s not just that suicides are rising among teens but that many well-adjusted-seeming kids are killing themselves.

IBA. IBAHRI condemns UK treatment of Julian Assange in US extradition trial (IBA 10.3.2020)

According to his lawyers, Mr Assange was handcuffed 11 times; stripped naked twice and searched; his case files confiscated after the first day of the hearing; and had his request to sit with his lawyers during the trial, rather than in a dock surrounded by bulletproof glass, denied. Continue reading

WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning released from prison

Tega Brain an Australian-born artist is working on the gofundthem platform - New York Apartment For Sale, Only $43.9 Billion 

21ST CENTURY CHILDHOOD: Kids Spend Less Time Outdoors Than Prisoners.

Avondale Man Sues After Google Data Leads to Wrongful Arrest for Murder Phoenix New Times
Solidarity is not dead: how workers can force progressive changevia JD

EY, Atlassian and multiple Australian law firms send workers home amid coronavirus fears

"I always know things are not going well in my personal life if I’m thinking about Nietzsche at 4:00 a.m." — an in-depth interview with Kathleen Higgins (UT Austin) at What Is It Like To Be A Philosopher?

 Stranger Apologies” is a new blog on politics, polarization, and (ir)rationality from Kevin Dorst (Oxford) — in this post he argues that the central problem of today’s political discourse is not polarization, but demonization that begins with seeing our opponents as irrational
Where moral improvement of the world is concerned, concepts that don’t answer to the mixed nature of human experience won’t be effective at steering that experience” — Amy Olberding (Oklahoma) thinks that when discussing anger, it’s a mistake to “conceptually isolate it from other emotions” 

“After Dinner Conversation” is a website that publishes original short stories aimed at prompting conversations about ethics — each story is accompanied by discussion questions

The Second Career of Michael Riegels Granta

Dilbert at his naughtiest: Rumor has it that the inventor of Bitcoin died with more than a billion dollars worth of Bitcoin locked away. Somebody else claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin because he's trying to get at that money.
In New Court Filing, Craig Wright Claims to Receive Keys to bitcoin fortune ...

'I Am Lawyer': Judge demolishes Craig Wright's hilarious ...

Judge Slams Craig Wright for Forged Documents  ...

After Luanda Leaks, Isabel dos Santos announced she would sell her 42.5% stake in EuroBic, a Portuguese bank. Last week, Portugal’s central bank governor Carlos Costa said the proceeds from any sale will likely be frozen. Costa said the central bank would “safeguard” the proceeds, but not block the actual sale. There was also action in Angola where the government formally launched a civil case against dos Santos in the hope of recovering $1 billion.

The World Bank will give its internal watchdog more power in an effort to better protect local communities. The lender will create a dispute resolution service and give people longer to submit complaints about World Bank funded projects. Despite the changes, civil society groups still have some concerns about some of the obstacles created. In 2015, our investigation Evicted and Abandoned revealed 3.4 million people were displaced by World Bank funded projects.

And… if you want a little more, you can explore our photograph gallery from our 2015 investigation.

Diane Ring (Boston College) presents Falling Short in the Data Age (with Shu-Yi Oei (Boston College)) at UCLA today as part of its Colloquium on Tax Policy and Public Finance hosted by Kirk Starkand Jason Oh:

Ring (2017)Humans are imperfect and do not always comply with the law, but the reality is that we are sometimes permitted to fall short of law’s requirements without consequences. This informal space to fall short and not be held accountable—which may arise from a confluence of information imperfections, resource constraints, politics, or luck—exists in addition to formal legal provisions that allow flexibility and discretion (such as tiered penalties or equitable provisions allowing leniency under specified circumstances). Fall-short spaces often pass unnoticed, but are in fact quite significant in intermediating the relationship between humans and the law.

Venezuela fire: Thousands of voting machines burned BBC

Prince Andrew has ‘shut the door on Jeffrey Epstein probe despite very public offer to cooperate’, US Attorney claims Daily Mail and Crown Series

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