Monday, February 17, 2020

The real places and stories behind ‘Parasite’

HEADLINE OF THE DAY: Coronavirus: James Bond cancels Beijing tour because this is No Time to Die
I spent weeks reporting on the bushfires. This is the truth about regional Australia Guardian

The real places and stories behind ‘Parasite’ Asia Times. Kevin W: “Worth reading through to the end, especially the end.”

 WHO ARE DAVIDS KIDDING? WE KNOW IT’S ALIENS. IT’S ALWAYS ALIENS. The Repeating Signals From Deep Space Are Extremely Unlikely to Be Aliens. Here’s Why.


Amazing …

Proof you can become a billionaire while remaining a complete fucking idiot. This this asshole has ever gardened?

(6) Cam Edwards on Twitter: "Mike Bloomberg’s contempt for rural America is real." / Twitter

 Twitter Ran Ads For Human Organs Because Money Is Money Gizmodo

Costco Capitalism Brian Lehrer 
 The Body Shop: “And there’s only three questions to get a job. It’s, ‘Are you authorized to work in the U.S.? Can you stand for up to eight hours? And can you lift over 50 pounds?’”
 Here is a new NIMBY song, a kind of anti-recommended.  The tree song, people are calling in on Twitter.  A reflection of our time?
How to donate a piece of your brain to science — while you’re still alive.