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Toño, Time and Parts Unknown: Vale Anthony Bourdain

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"Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Will Remain on Netflix for “Months to Come

took a walk through this beautiful world
The streaming service has extended its license on the show after the star chef’s death.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.
From CNN/Photofest.

Anthony Bourdain’s wildly popular CNN docuseries, Parts Unknown, isn’t leaving Netflix after all. Though the show was previously scheduled to exit the platform on June 16 once Netflix’s license deal expired, the recent death of the star chef pushed the streaming service to rally and maintain the series.

This place moves me like very, very few other places. And I been everywhere.

"Of all the places, of all the countries, all the years of traveling, it's here in Iran, that I am greeted most warmly by strangers." #RIP#AnthonyBourdain
— Dr. Nina Ansary (@drninaansary) June 8, 2018

 Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain posed for photographs with admirers just days before his death.

Last year, Bourdain boiled down the main idea behind Parts Unknown for the New Yorker magazine: "I travel around the world, eat a lot of s***, and basically do whatever the f*** I want."

The show featured meals in both out-of-the-way restaurants and the homes of locals, providing what the New Yorker called a "communion with a foreign culture so unmitigated that it feels practically intravenous."


RIP Anthony Bourdain, 1956-2018 

Opinion | Why Cooks Loved Anthony Bourdain - The New York Times
 I was introduced to Anthony Bourdain in 1999, at dinner at the home of the author Paula Wolfert. Not him, exactly, but his writing. It was late in the meal, the table covered with empty plates and wine bottles, when Ms. Wolfert suddenly jumped up and ran out of the room. She returned with the current copy of The New Yorker and started reading out loud from his now-legendary story “Don’t Eat Before Reading This,” in which he detailed the realities of a professional kitchen with gallows humor and scientific precision. It was electric. No one on the inside had ever written about professional kitchens in such an honest and open way.


Anthony Bourdain, while chef at Ed Sullivan’s restaurant, NYC in 1996.CreditBenoit Cortet/Contact Press Images
That article and the man who wrote it changed everything — for readers and other writers, but even more so for his fellow cooks. The outpouring of grief and confusion from cooks around the world, overflowing social media and spilling into texts and emails and calls, speaks to how deeply he touched our lives. No matter how famous and seemingly unapproachable he became in the world, he was always one of us. He was a cook at heart.

 Anthony Bourdain hanged himself with bathrobe belt: prosecutor - New York Post

An eminent philosopher among my friends, who can dignify even your ugly furniture by lifting it into the serene light of science, has shown me this pregnant little fact. Your pier-glass or extensive surface of polished steel made to be rubbed by a housemaid, will be minutely and multitudinously scratched in all directions; but place now against it a lighted candle as a centre of illumination, and lo! the scratches will seem to arrange themselves in a fine series of concentric circles round that little sun. It is demonstrable that the scratches are going everywhere impartially and it is only your candle which produces the flattering illusion of a concentric arrangement, its light falling with an exclusive optical selection. These things are a parable. The scratches are events, and the candle is the egoism of any person now absent…

From George Eliot’s novel Middlemarch.

Anthony Bourdain: Why his travel shows had global appeal
Anthony Bourdain, who died this week of an apparent suicide, embodied a visceral curiosity far too absent in much of American culture. Bourdain took his readers and viewers into strange places and showed them that those places weren’t really that strange because, after all, the people there turned out to be human too. This strand of humanism sometimes evinced with bitter notes in Bourdain’s presentation, but ultimately there was a deep love for the human potential throbbing underneath everything the man did. His resolutely-cool persona never seemed like a put-on or an act. Even though he performed that persona with a ready naturalism in his shows, there was always a wonderful nervous edge there too, as if Bourdain was winkingly aware of the artificiality of show bizness but was confident that if he was just himself enough he could transcend that artificiality and make something real.

A Tale Of Two Tonys The American Conservative 
This frightening Hell Spawn of Kathie Lee and Betty Crocker seems on a mission to kill her fans, one meal at a time. She Must Be Stopped.
An abbreviated list of the many things despised by Anthony Bourdain.
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