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The Iconic Sydney Opera House – 50 Years Later


The Iconic Sydney Opera House – 50 Years Later

On a windy spring day on 20 October 1973, Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the venue, drawing an estimated 1 million people to the city’s streets. On 13 March 2006, she returned to open a colonnade, calling the Opera House “the symbol of the nation itself.” - The Guardian

This opera house, a flight of fancy forged in the fire of almost impossible political and cultural odds, changed everything

My father in law found a bottle of Moët champagne 🥂 🍾 dated 1973 in his cellar … amazing timing as today the Sydney Opera House reaches 50 young years

Celebrating 50 years

Sydney Opera House: Fifty years in 50 pictures

From its fascinating construction to its legendary guests, the Opera House has spent half a century defining Sydney's skyline. In 1974 my father in law and his family fell in love with the Sydney Opera House. The House was 7 years young when my 22 years old bohemian eyes first spied those amazing Antipodean lemon/orange peel shaped roofs.

Sydney Opera House | Birthday Festival 

Sir Rodney Cutler and Lady Cutler were at the opening of the Opera House in 1973 and at Sasha’s Christening at St Marks Darling Point in 1990.

Iconic Ireland 🇮🇪 The oldest bar in the world is in Ireland. Archaeological records have found that the walls of Sean's Bar have been around and serving since 900 AD. There are records of every owner of the pub dating back to its 10th-century founding. In fact, it opened over 1100 years ago. Around 900 AD, there lived a man named Luain Mac Luighdeach, or Luain son of Lewy. It is known that he established an inn close to "Áth Mór, The Great Ford." This inn is today known as Sean's Bar. Luain acted as a guide to travelers who had to venture across the rapid torrent of the Shannon. A settlement grew up around the crossing point, and in time, the place came to be known by his name, "Áth Luain," which later became Athlone. In 1129, King Turlough O'Connor built the first wooden castle here to protect this settlement.