Thursday, October 19, 2023

Message in the Bottle 1973-2023: Sydney Opera House: Celebrating 50 years Tomorrow

This opera house, a flight of fancy forged in the fire of almost impossible political and cultural odds, changed everything

~MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE Makes Australian Debut at the Sydney Opera House in October

My father-in-law found a bottle of Moët champagne 🥂 🍾 dated 1973 in his cellar … amazing timing as tomorrow the Sydney Opera House reaches 50 years

Celebrating 50 years

Sydney Opera House: Fifty years in 50 pictures

From its fascinating construction to its legendary guests, the Opera House has spent half a century defining Sydney's skyline. In 1974 my father in law and his family fell in love with the Sydney Opera House. The House was 7 years young when my 22 years old bohemian eyes first spied those amazing Antipodean lemon/orange peel shaped roofs.

One wonders if Moët was Utzon’s preferred poison …