Friday, October 13, 2023

Black Friday of Big Design

Coco Chanel said that good design is 'the projection of a soul' which sums up why hand crafted objects matter …

The Dharawal people’s lands are mostly confined to the area south of Botany Bay, extending as far south as the Nowra area, across to the Georges River in Sydney’s west.

Clans or bands (called ‘tribes’ by the Europeans) within Sydney belonged to several major language groups, often with coastal and inland dialects.

John with F introduced us to a feast of different Antipodean aboriginal design tastes, personalities and styles.
As someone who is told that I live in a perpetual battle with clutter, I was instructed not to be tempted to acquire any item displayed at the design market … still I could not resist getting cockatoo earrings …
It was great to be part of the carriage works as it celebrated craft and the hand this weekend.

The Carriage Works had the courage to shine a spotlight on a dazzling array of talent who are shaping the Antipodean cultural landscapes …

“Australia’s favourite shopping extravaganza, The Big Design Market, returns to Sydney this October at our exciting new home Carriageworks. From 13–15 October 2023, this incredible space will be transformed with over 200 exceptional designers and taste makers, including fresh faces and seasoned favourites from as far afield as the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.
🛍 Dive into a curated world of boutique homewares, handcrafted ceramics, limited-edition art prints, Australian fashion, unique jewellery, and an exquisite array of food and wine experiences.
While you shop, treat your taste buds with gourmet delights such as aromatic coffees and tantalizing cocktails, as well as handcrafted, gourmet pies and delectable phở, all brought to you by local culinary maestros. 🥃 🍸
You won’t want to miss our new major art installation, legendary show bags, prizes and creative spaces for kids. 🎨 🌟Join us as Carriageworks transforms into a vibrant celebration of independent design, complete with shopping, eating, drinking, creating and playing – all under one roof.
Save the date and tell your friends! 🥳
Artwork by Elaine Li of XF Illustrations.
Friday 13 October, 11am–8pm
Saturday 14 October, 10am–6pm
Sunday 15 October, 10am–5pm
245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh NSW
Sydney/Eora Country⁠
Adults: $6 (incl. GST & booking fees)
Kids (12 and under): free
Visitors can pre-purchase tickets online or at the door.

 Black Friday of Big Design

A work of art, crafted with love at Ville Matra 

The functional, glossy fitted kitchen of modern times is giving way to a less sanitised, more soulful vibe using freestanding, reclaimed pieces

In 1977, the cookery writer Elizabeth David wrote an article in which she described her ideal kitchen

Her fantasy was a free-spirited fusion of beauty and utility an overhead drying rack, ladles and whisks hanging by the cooker, and a few wooden spoons in a jar. “Like a painter’s studio furnished with cooking equipment”, as she put it. It was David’s riposte to the predictability of the fitted kitchen.

Almost half a century later fashion’s pendulum has swung back…

The return of the unfitted Howellite Ville of Matra kitchen

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