Sunday, September 10, 2023

Cyber Wars: Oppenheimer in 1958

Carpe Clichés! This Time Really Was Different John Authers, Bloomberg

How Tiger Global, one of the biggest backers of startups over the past decade, fell to earth Fortune

Google goes to court Casey Newton, Platformer

Social Catfish releases report on State of Internet Scams, using FTC and IC3 data, as well as their own survey

  • Losses have at least quadrupled over the last five years, from $2.7 billion to $103 billion
  • Estimate real annual losses to romance scams at $200 billion
  • Massive increase in victims 20 and under
  • Most common apps used were Facebook, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp; Instagram and Plenty of Fish
  • State by state breakdown
DOJ announces nationwide coordinated effort to fight Covid 19 fraud;
  • 371 arrested; losses of $836 million
  • Many, or most, cases involved PPP fraud or unemployment fraud
UK jury finds t wo teenagers guilty of ransomware attacks, hacking; victims in include City of London Police, Nvidia, Rockstar Games, and Uber

FBI identifies crypto accounts containing more than $40 million stolen by North Korea

Australia arrests Chinese man involved in scam that took $100 from US victims in crypto romance scams
Review and Recommendation: I highly recommend To Rule the Waves, by Arthur Herman.  A great history of the Royal Navy, how it developed and enriched the world by making the sea lanes safe for everyone. And ended the transatlantic slave trade.  

Fraud Studies: Here are links to the studies I’ve written for the Better Business Bureau: puppy fraudromance fraud; BEC fraudsweepstakes/lottery fraud,  tech support fraudromance fraud money mulescrooked movers, government impostersonline vehicle sale scamsrental fraud, gift cards,  free trial offer frauds,  job scams,  online shopping fraud,  fake check fraudand crypto scams
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