Friday, June 02, 2023

21 I’ll drink to that…Shareable Dragon

“Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.” 


 "The best six doctors anywhere and no one can deny it, are sunshine, water, rest, and air, exercise and diet."

–Wayne Fields

A lot of you were not even born when I started blogging 21 years ago!

Each of us carries around little pockets of guilt, misdemeanors camouflaged and unsuspected even by our dearest. They remain dormant until roused, jab our conscience and are forgotten until stirred again.

…a very special thank you and shout out to everyone who has visited this space or continues to. Readers have come and gone. Bloggers have come and gone. But everyday we are grateful there’s anyone who cares to Czech out trends and patterns and ideas in this space. It means we  keep reading, listening, observing and doing this and that  in order to share thoughtful and insightful links 

In 21 years under the Antipodean sun and moon we posted over million hyperlinks and created almost 14,000 posts and received 2 Million views …

Whatever the history, whatever the nuances, whatever the charged sentiments associated with political realities, the thirst for freedom is very simple: It means believing that if regimes built 10ft wall you will create a 12ft ladder. 
~ Wade In From the Cold!

What Makes News Sharable on Social Media?Chen, X., Pennycook, G., & Rand, D. (2023). Journal of Quantitative Description: Digital Media, 3.   – “With the rise of social media, everyone has the potential to be both a consumer and producer of online content. Although one might assume that people share news because they believe it to be true, worldwide concerns about the spread of misinformation suggest that truthfulness may not be a dominant driver of sharing online. Across three studies (total N=3,492), we investigate what content dimensions are associated with social media sharing intentions for a wide range of news headlines. 

When we examine the relationships between content dimensions using factor analysis, we consistently find separate factors capturing perceived accuracy and evocativeness. The perceived accuracy factor was positively correlated with both sharing intentions and the headline’s objective veracity. However, while the evocativeness factor was also positively correlated with sharing intentions, it was consistently negatively correlated with the headline’s objective veracity.”

See also The Role of Mental Representation in Sharing Misinformation Online

So even on the net there  is an element of samizdat as 12 foot URL provides access to many stories behind the virtual Berlin Wall  

Web is like any village there are evil characters yet there are many amazing guys and gals who add value and make a difference as the goal is to create level playing field in all corners of the world 🌍  

Back in 2002 Blogs were trailblazers while in 2022 Spoutible exchanges  began challenging status quo for better or the worse as these kind of social media websites are global key town square for debates, duels and friendships …

🐳App update: We planned on releasing the app today, but ran into a few problems this morning. We are working over the weekend to get everything sorted, and the app will be live early next week. If you are wondering, yes, I am spouting from the app.

 Christopher Bouzy

I will be in the July issue of Wired magazine. I want to thank the Bot Sentinel and Spoutible community. I also want to thank the Sussex Squad for supporting everything we are trying to do to change the landscape of social media

"I refuse to be told what to think or how, let alone what to say or write, by anybody. But most certainly not by people who claim the authority of fabricated works of primeval myth and fiction, and who want me to believe these are divine - that I won't have."

There are the humble bloggers who created and even included MEdia Dragon 🐉 and a story or two back to 2002 … MMII

In November 2022 young Julie Powell died - she’s was only 28 years old when media Dragon began - her passionate food  blog is missed  

In April 2022 World's oldest blogger, Dagny Carlsson, died age 109

Gavin Leech surveys the “insane” who have blogged a lot and for a long time.

To be human is to continually mistake our frames of reference for reality itself. We so readily forget that our vantage point is but a speck on the immense plane of possible perspectives. We so readily forget that there are infinitely many kinds of beautiful lives.

To be or not to be blogger …

A Stranger in the Blogosphere and Ecclectic  MEdia Dragon 🐉 Reader:  Martin Amis — novelist, memoirist, journalist, critic, caustic wit, dazzling stylist — Dwight Garner... James Wood... Salman Rushdie... Ian McEwan... Lisa Allardice... Boyd Tonkin... James Parker... A.O. Scott... Christian Lorentzen... Terry Eagleton... Jennifer Egan... Tom Meaney... more »

How to turn a napkin sketch into a web page

Kottke is much older 4 years older: Unbelievably, kottke[dot]org turns 25 years old today – the site predates Google! "That's more than half of my life, spanning four decades and ~40,000 posts, almost cartoonishly long for a medium optimized for impermanence."

We will drink to that…

Media Dragon can now even legally drink in any state in the USA 

So many anniversaries in 2023: Today is the 20th anniversary of my business . I never expected when I started a blog in 2003, while grunting as a prod artist for a marketing firm, that I’d be here. At 29, I couldn’t imagine doing *anything* for 20 years, so many days, it’s still a surprise.

Insiders has become lightweight, misleading, suffering a lack of depth, too much opinion, rather than fact. The choice of panel members continually appears biased in its lack of intelligent objective analysis. #InsidersABC

Whether to improve my research skills or to find creative ways to relax, or fight for level playing fields, knowing that like minded like to pay a visit  motivates me to keep blogging and going.

       The Complete Review at ... 24 

       The big(ger) milestones came last year (the 5000th review posted) and will come next year (the 25th anniversary of the site), but today the complete review celebrates twenty-four years online, which seems like a not insignificant milestone as well. Yes, the first reviews were posted on this date, way back in 1999. 
       Glad to see you're still dropping by to have a look; I hope you continue to enjoy the site and find it useful 

       And, of course, if you'd like to support the site

"Don't be a follower. Don't look for a leader. If he could lead you into the promised land, he could lead you out. Do your own thinking, and learn, instead, to think of the leaders in the same way as they think of you. That would be progress."