Wednesday, November 01, 2017

David C Johnson at Charles Perkins Sydney Uni with Mike West

In the words of , TAXES ARE CIVILISATION. 

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The latest Tweets from David Cay Johnston (@DavidCayJ). Founder ... On Australian ABC Q&A in Sydney in a few minutes. Runs on FBLive ... Read David Crook's smart @DCReportMedia piece for perspective ...
'Appallingly ignorant' Trump fuelled entirely by self-interest: David Cay Johnston - The World Today - ABC Radio

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By the way, David started with the way he likes to analyse first impressions of any cirt - there are two things he must do when he invades a new city - as this is his first time in Australia, gets the taxi to take him to rough area of the city and he Czechs (sic) out advertisement. The first ad he saw was ad by the ATO about its success with fighting tax evasion relating to multinational enterprises ... David was disappointed as he thought the ad lacked context and comparison.
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Teach your kids about democracy, hold your govts to account & don't let them privilege corporations over people
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   All the tags for this fabulous talk by  on why democracy is in crisis
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If you don't read don't learn about the other on education in the US
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Trump is the symptom not the disease  
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In the words of , TAXES ARE CIVILISATION. .
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We tax capital at a lower rate than labor  
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Imagine if 1 in 1000 of us were amoral and had no interest in anything but making money. We have it now.: corporations. 
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Our guest tonight   is "We have a serious attack on democracy coming from many places"
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Johnston first met Trump as a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer in June 1988 and likened him to P. T. Barnum. He subsequently reported on Trump for almost 30 years, and wrote the book in 27 days.[1] In an interview with The New York Times Johnston said that Trump had "...seriously damaged his brand" with his presidential campaign and would "follow him for the rest of his life". Johnston also felt that Trump was "masterful at understanding the conventions of journalism" and "remarkably agile at doing as he chooses and getting away with it".[1]
The book entered the New York Timeshardcover nonfiction list in fifteenth position[1] and spent four weeks there.[2]

 “Maybe it is a purist attitude we have, but we believe that being funded by your readers is the best guarantee for independence” Neiman Labs. Thank you, readers! AndWhen a Facebook test moves news stories to a separate feed, traffic — and public discourse — are at stake Nieman Lab. Again, if your business depends on a platform, your business is already dead.

If Paul Manafort had not been such a crummy and absentee Brooklyn neighbor, he might not be in such hot water. He would not have crossed an urbane housewife-turned-blogger who doesn't consider herself a journalist but smelled something fishy around an unsightly townhouse. There's no more improbable anecdote to Manafort's indictment for laundering millions of dollars than the saga of Katia Kelly, a German-born former aspiring fashion designer who stumbled upon the curious purchase history of a Brooklyn brownstone that's now evidence in the money laundering case against Manafort.  If ever there was a tale of all politics being local — and ramifications occasionally being national — this is it."I am not really a reporter," Kelly told me Tuesday as she helped her father close up his North Carolina beach house. She grew up in Germany and France and moved with the family at age 14 to Long Island, which she hated ("so dreadfully dull"). 

Meet the blogger who helped indict Paul Manafort