Saturday, November 18, 2017


Orroroo  - Lotto

Speed of light exchanges: Speeding Is Bullshit

"Was the radar gun in calibration, or was the copper runningNout of time to make his quota? Don't say they don't have one, it's like any job, if you aren't doing your bit...... If your Dad's record has been clean for 10 years he can ring the collections mob in Maitland near Newcastle, they'll check and if clean you're off, but have to be very careful after that. Actually I'm not sure about the points, but the fine is let off, would have to check up on that.
But if you are a witness to the fact the speedo didn't hit 100 I'm not sure if that will help too much, hope it turns out well for your Dad. I feel the same way you do about the police it's just a shame there's a few out there who let it go to their (sic) heads that give the whole a bad image.