Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dicish Macquarie bankers drug colleague with valium and laxatives

This kind of human behaviour of Shakeaspean and Kafkaesque proportions could never happen in The Bear Pit   or the land of Latitude - Michael Cranston captured in phone taps 

"During the course of the Plaintiff's employment with the Defendant, the Defendant, its servants or agents, drugged, assaulted, humiliated, abused and harassed the Plaintiff, causing the production, aggravation, acceleration and/or recurrence of the Plaintiff's injury," according to the statement of claim.

Macquarie bankers drug colleague with valium and laxatives

The 49-year-old victim has launched legal action against the investment bank known as the "millionaires factory", which was aware of the extraordinary allegations, but did not take disciplinary action against the perpetrators.

A senior executive involved in the drugging also sent an image of the South American-branded laxative that was secretly administered to his colleague at an upmarket restaurant in the Chilean capital Santiago.

Fairfax Media can reveal Macquarie's then divisional director Michael Rosenbaum and investment adviser Stefan Whiting repeatedly spiked the drinks of a colleague as they travelled across Brazil and Chile to inspect gold mines owned by Cleveland Mining Company.

The drugging is believed to have occurred between June 1 and June 10, 2011.

Legal assistant Danika Lena accused of $1.3 million fraud

Lena allegedly siphoned over $1.3 million from a Macquarie Bank account. Danika Lena at her home in Drummoyne today
It was revealed on Wednesday that Cleveland managing director David Mendelawitz had reported three Macquarie staff, including Mr Rosenbaum and Mr Whiting, to the corporate regulator over alleged misconduct between 2011 and 2012.