Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Epic Proportions

Rule No. 1 When Making Baby Rhinos: Try Not to Get Squashed Wall Street Journal

Filmmaker Jamie Scott made his name in the timelapse space with Falla Central Park timelapse of epic proportions that took 6 months of dedication to capture. And yet his followup timelapse, titled Spring, somehow puts his first creation to shame.

The cherry blossoms, for example, take at least two weeks to bloom and are only available for about six weeks of the year. I only got three attempts per year.

Spring is the flower timelapse to end all flower timelapses. “All in all this took 3 years to shoot,” writes Jamie on Vimeo. “I shot over 8TB of 5k footage.”

The biggest British Airways IT meltdown WTF: 200 systems in the critical path? The Register. Chuck L: “This truly is a WTF situation.”

The infamous Watergate scandal "pales" in comparison to the allegations about the Trump administration's links to Russia, former United States intelligence chief James Clapper has said in an explosive set of remarks in Canberra.
Watergate pales compared with Trump says former US intelligence chief

Auditor-general today released a snapshot (including cyber crime issues) of its audits of eight public universities and a further 51 entities they own for calendar year 2016. The audits include an examination of internal controls related to financial reporting.

Putin Interview: Did Russia Interfere in the Election, Collect Info on Trump?NBC News. Money Putin quote: “Right now, I think we have representatives from a hundred American companies that have come to Russia,” Putin said. “Do you think we’re gathering compromising information on all of them right now or something? Have you all lost your senses over there?”
Putin Quizzed by NBC News’ Megyn Kelly Over Russian Involvement in U.S. Elections NBC Jerri featured other reports on this yesterday. Notice they gave the articulate Putin a lousy translator. Kelly is relying on the widely debunked “17 agency” report of December. The best thrashing comes from staunch Putin opponent Masha Gessen in the New York Review of Books
Russia ‘blocking’ rail freight shipments to Latvia Lloyds List (Lambert). Latvia started this tit-for-tat. But still…
We may owe our lives to a back channel with Russia Washington Post. Lambert: “Read all the way to the end.”