Saturday, November 09, 2013

Wilde Walk or Ride to Work and Live Forever ;-)

There comes . . . a longing never to travel again except on foot...
~ Grandma Katarina Imrichova's saying / When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep on walking...

When so many of us spend most of our time in the workplace (perhaps sitting at a desk or behind a computer), it makes sense to incorporate more fitness into your work day ... Live Longer If Not Forever

Many moons ago when I pretented to work at Parliament House I spend zero dollars on transport, but my sneakers were replaced several times a year as I braved the shortcut from Darling Point through the Kings Cross to enter the entrance of PH at the Domaine. These days I approach the city walking same distance 5 km in and out braving the streets of Waterloo and Hills of Surry. 

People who walk to work, before or during work, are generally healthier, more productive and less likely to be sick or absent. It's in the best interests of all organisations to support and regularly participate in the Walk to Work program or Ride to Work Initiatives... 

People who walk to work are around 40 per cent less likely to have diabetes as those who drive, Riding to Work 2013 Innitiatives

Walkers are 'practitioners of the city,' for the city is made to be walked. A city is a language, a repository of possibilities, and walking is the act of speaking that language, of selecting from those possibilities. Just as language limits what can be said, architecture limits where one can walk, but the walker invents other ways to go.

The famous Zen parable about the master for whom, before his studies, mountains were only mountains, but during his studies mountains were no longer mountains, and afterward mountains were again mountains could be interpreted as an alleory about [the perpetual paradox that when one is closest to a destination one is also the farthest).
k~Whild Walkers