Friday, November 29, 2013

Secrets of the masters

‘If corruption is a disease, then transparency is a central part of its treatment.'
~Version of John Hatton as sunlight is the best disinfectant ...

Not even in the most extreme conspiracy theory would we have imagined, before these investigations, how wide and how deeply entrenched and those corrupt networks were.

 The Global Muckraker : ‘The biggest criminals write laws that make their crimes legal’Digging into the law firm’s connections and legal reports, we found out that it was managing contracts for Alcatel, the massive French telecommunications company. Later it was proved that the law firm paid most of the bribes to public officials in order to get mobile contracts for Alcatel from the then-public monopoly of the telecommunications company,ICE. The officials who got payments included Costa Rica’s former president Miguel Angel Rodríguez. Secret of the masters

Pay-it-forward vs. Pay-what-you-want Pay-it-forward is a pricing scheme in which patrons are told that a previous customer has paid for them. The new customer then gets the opportunity to pay for someone else. Such random acts of kindness have been reported at toll bridges, coffee shops and drive-thru restaurants, and they drive the business of Berkeley's Karma Kitchen. Greater good