Monday, November 04, 2013

Gabriella Backing the Bohemian Cup in Nostalgic Sydney

"The plays I love and the parts I love are the ones that make people feel less alone. That's a huge part of great art for me--human beings comforting one another with their shortcomings."
~ Cherry Jones sharing her wisdom with Ms Gabriella Imrich while she was in NY (as quoted in The New York Times Magazine, Sept. 20, 2013) 

"She was never ironic or sarcastic or cynical or nihilistic or contemptuous or any of those things, which are all the signs of the tarantula in smart people, the resentful small deadly creature that never fights...that only waits to bitefiercely and maybe kill you that way."
~ Tom Wolfe, Back to Blood

One way to know what you value, writes Francine Prose, is to see what you can't leave behind. A portrait of an elephant-head god, for example... Priceless. Nostalgia of our Strange Lives

Her father cut off his own right hand. Her mother killed a kitten with chloroform. The unhappy but strangely sustaining family life of Marianne MooreAll unhappy families ...

There’s nothing wrong with being a werewolf, as long as you can run off to the forest at the crucial moment... Bohemian Fairytales

A modern Marx. Jonathan Sperber's attempt to confine the man to his milieu misses the point. Marx's ideas shape our world... The Specter of Marx is haunting the entire world Now...

Income inequality will worsen, predicts Tyler Cowen, but revolution is not stirring. Our economic and social future will be a “hyper-meritocracy”... No more children of Velvet Revolutions

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."
~ Victor Hugo, William Shakespeare for Sasha