Monday, November 25, 2013

Kino/cinema is the best mirror: You are not alone. Other people suffer, too

“To bring our conversation full circle,” he goes on, “I’m trying to make movies like they used to make in the 1970s. We didn’t know then that we were living in a golden age of American movies. And why? Because there was an explosion of young directorial talent, eager to do something new, fuelled by European art cinema. Making films whose stories were valued by their proximity to real life, not distance from it.”
That’s a good line, and we both know it. We take another pause on that one, unified this time, not awkward. “We need narrative art,” Payne concludes. “Art is a mirror. And cinema is the best mirror. The most verisimil-mirror.” He smiles. “We need movies to give us context. And the best message that any art can give, which is: ‘You are not alone. Other people suffer, too. You’re not alone.’”
Somehow our conversation, like a road trip, got to some place genuine. Or maybe Payne was here all along, and it just took me a while to catch up.  Why Can't Hollywood Just Celebrate The Ordinary In Life? 

As someone who was born in old mortuary which was built duringt the Black Death Plague 1348 to 1350, I appreciate this story more than most people: 18-year-old Simon Winchester needed money. Luckily, he found an occupation: mortuary assistant. All went well until all went horribly wrong... Memories of Vrbov oldest mortuary