Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Uvda Hollywood Mitteleurope Israel & Spies

Latest spy game playing itself out in Hollywood or (Also known as Aka Media Dragon's Double life of Villawood ) 

More than 60 years after a congressional Committee on Un-American Activities held hearings aimed at rooting out communist spies from Hollywood, a Hollywood producer has proudly revealed his own clandestine efforts on behalf of Israel. Among the bohemian thespian community long rumored to be a real-life James Bond, the Hollywood producer behind box office hits including Fight Club, Pretty Woman and LA Confidential has spoken about his life as an Israeli secret agent and arms dealer, saying he was proud of working for his country.
Arnon Milchan gave a lengthy interview to the Israeli documentary programme Uvda, broadcast on Monday on Channel 2, confirming claims made earlier in an unauthorised biography that he worked for an Israeli agency that negotiated arms deals and supported Israel's secret nuclear weapons project. Milchan  Arnon Milchan, who was born in what is now Israel, gave an account to Israeli investigative programme Uvda. Innocence of Agriculture

As the last big unregulated industry, the art worldattracts pirates, rogues, eccentrics, bullies, and snobs. Ruling it all is the dealer-king... King of Deals