Friday, November 22, 2013

Prayer Journal

Marilynne Robinson on Flannery O’Connor’s Prayer Journal: “It is the religious sensibility reflected in this journal that makes it as eloquent on the subject of creativity as it is on the subject of prayer. O’Connor’s awareness of her gifts gives her a special kind of interest in them. Having concluded one early entry by asking the Lord to help her “with this life that seems so treacherous, so disappointing,” she begins the next entry: “Dear God, tonight it is not disappointing because you have given me a story. Don’t let me ever think, dear God, that I was anything but the instrument for Your story — just like the typewriter was mine.”” O Dear

Coming across a kindred spirit in a text can cause sweating, crying, even disrobing. Thus Marshall Berman’s first encounter with Marx... Spirited encounter

On May 18, 1922, Proust, Joyce, Picasso, Stravinsky, and Diaghilev gathered at the Hotel Majestic, in Paris. It was thegreatest dinner party ever... Two days after the birthdaY party  SWANN’S WAY, by Marcel Proust, is 100 years old. Proust

Sadly, it had not occurred to me to wonder how filthy books might be…. Cold River

A peek behind the curtain at book-making from Making words

Have a look at a collection of most unusual cookbooks. Food Odd Food