Thursday, October 07, 2004

One soulful Antipodean hits the spotlight on google searches this week as Counterpunch links to Antony Loewenstein Rupert Murdoch and the Marginals: "Personally Creating Outcomes, while another soulful Amerikan says goodbye to Google ...

The Blog, The Press, The Media: Farewell Ev! The Blogger Boy from Nebraska
Achhhh, without much doubts, I rekon Ev belts the word Wooshka with a heavier mittleuropean accent and with a rare bohemian gusto that puts to shame Mark Latham's attempts during the Australian political idol policy launches (smile).
It's been almost six years now since I started working on what became the company I sold to the company we started talking to two years ago because of the product we launched five years ago.
Six years is a long time. Or a little. Depending.
For me, it's a little under 20% of this life on Earth. And it's the time when I find myself thinking a lot about a particular question: What should I do next?
I'm not sure what the answer to that question is, but I've decided it's something different than I do now. And I need some perspective to answer it. So, I've to move on. I.e.: As of this Friday, I will no longer be employed by Google.
Yes, I'm leaving my baby (or is it an adolescent by now?), in the hands of an awesome team we've compiled over the last few years. And I'm taking some time off to think. And...who knows?
Gosh, what else to say about that?
Necessarily, I must express that it's been an amazing, thrilling, life-changing, difficult, rewarding, surprising, and lucky ride I've been on. And "life-changing" is such an understatement. As I said on Blogger's fifth birthday, for doing the "same thing" for five years, it's amazing how drastically my life has changed. Not just my life, but me. I'm just a simple farm boy from Nebraska, after all.

Evan Williams The Young Godfather of the Blogger Family [Ev might care to tackle Search engines which are unreliable tools for research that aims to reconstruct the historical record ... ]
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