Wednesday, October 20, 2004

John Kenneth Galbraith is famously quoted for saying: In the choice between changing one's mind and proving there is no need to do so, most people get busy on the proof. The quote is apt not only to describe human behaviour in general, but more particularly in the context of the Commonwealth state relations.

The ink is still wet from 30 September 2004 post in relation to Nick Greiner’s vision on federalism. Amazingly Greiner’s ideas are back with the speed of light and part of the political lanscape:
Mr Carr proposes a prompt report from two eminent statesmen, such as the former NSW premier Nick Greiner and the former Queensland premier Wayne Goss, who could then act as emissaries for the states' ideas. The Premier has called for a new deal on federalism in the wake of the Howard Government's big election win, offering to hand over responsibility for the health system to the Commonwealth
That political importance of Pimping The Choices

Eye on Politics & Law Lords: Too Much Truth?
George Orwell shaped our imagination of a future in which a propagandistic media produced a steady stream of up-is-down, right-is-wrong, war-is-peace lies in order to impose the will of a governing elite upon the subject citizenry. Orwell reckoned this ultimate diminution of democracy would come in the year 1984. Imperfect genius that he was, the author missed the mark by twenty years. But, after watching the controversy regarding the Sinclair Broadcast Group's scheme to air the truth-impaired mockumentary Stolen Honor in an attempt to stall the momentum John Kerry's campaign gained from the presidential debates, it becomes evident that the future Orwell imagined is unfolding.
Orwellian Twist on the Campaign ; [Cover of naked antiwar protesters draws objections, police attention ]
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