Friday, October 15, 2004

In a terribly earnest age, it is gotta be comforting to Gen-X'ers that irony is making a comeback. It is like rock-paper-scissors. Ironic beats earnest; cute beats ironic. Filthy Linking Rich tell me more about it ... Making It to Page One

The Blog, The Press, The Media: We Are All in This Together
I still like to think that I am, as the late novelist Irwin Shaw famously said, a storyteller in the bazaar, telling the world about itself, sharing my experiences with unknown readers out there.
I like to think that there are readers out there who want us to circumvent the sensational and serve up analyses and reflections. I like to think that by helping others understand our complex world better, journalists also help people understand themselves and their cultures better.
I know that focus groups in many countries are telling editors that they don't much care for the news, and certainly not for longish dispatches. But I haven't heard of any focus groups saying that they'd ignore rich, compellingly written stories about the daily dramas of our collective lives...
The most enduring lesson that Mr Rosenthal - now 82 - taught me was that in the pursuit of truth and fairness, no price is too high to pay. He always said: Make that extra call, take that extra trip, visit that additional source - then do it all over again until you are truly convinced that your story is as accurate, as fair and as thorough as humanly possible.
My other great teacher was Mr James Michaels, the man who created the modern-day Forbes Magazine. His lesson? You've got to be a bulldog in the journalism business: You mustn't let go of a story once you've sunk your teeth into it. Don't allow yourself to be bullied. And don't allow yourself to be bought.

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