Saturday, October 02, 2004

It is a terrible thing for a man to find out suddenly that all his life he has been speaking nothing but the truth.
Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

Paola Totaro and Robert Wainwright give us this Saturday a compelling backstory read about the background required to survive and thrive in the NSW Public Service (Command) ... knowing where the bodies are hidden and how the system work Master and Commander Gleeson: Butler and Servant of the people; General Gleeson sets record straight with parting shots; Carrwering in ranks, says Hard Labour warrior
Chris Sheil pays tribute to Gerry Gleeson the godfather of Sussex Street who was even respected by Johno Johnson (,a ruffle king of the Labour Brotherhood, whom I learnt to respect over 20 years in Parliament). To boot, my former boss, Patricia Azarias, also had a productive relationship with Gerry Gleeson: Yes, Mr Secretary. The formality. The obedience. The sweat. We always knew who was on the line

Eye on Golden Glitter As Substance Takes A Back Seat: Vote Me Out
Ach only in Amerika It's Michael Chabon Calling. Please Vote Me In...
Amid the frenzy of brainstorming, gladhanding, doorknocking and polling, Paul Sheehan asks whether a disconnected electorate is hearing anything but a blast of static.
Billions of dollars promised. Dozens of policies unveiled. Thousands of words. Hundreds of commentaries. And none of it would have had as much impact on this federal election as a decision by John Howard or Mark Latham to wear a bow tie during their televised debate. A bow tie would be bigger than any policy. It would be a disaster.

Such is the nature of politics
• · The shape we're in
• · · Hugh Mackay does not know enough about Mark Latham or what he stands for It takes policy and personality
• · · · Consider an independent point of view; Paola Totaro 2003: With the big three's popularity at record lows, the minor parties have exploited
electoral changes to snap at their heels
• · · · · Police lift lid on web of abuse:
The owner of three child-care centres in Melbourne's eastern suburbs is among hundreds of people across Australia facing charges for possession of child pornography and other crimes involving young children following a nationwide police operation. Others implicated in the unprecedented swoop on child sex crime include teachers, police officers, doctors, an assistant to a state MP, child welfare officers and defence personnel.Child sex net traps hundreds ; [Just tip of iceberg: US agent The married teacher and church youth pastor faced court charged with eight counts of possessing child pornography, seven counts of installing a device to facilitate filming for indecent purposes, and seven counts of filming for indecent purposes ]
• · · · · · Operation Auxin: Insects emerge blinking from all their dark places ; Fourth suicide as child porn probe widens