Tuesday, July 02, 2024

‘Not afraid to die’: Kenya tax protests inspire broader demand for change

A car, documents and identification, including passports and security badges, all believed to have been allegedly stolen, were also seized.

Alleged heroin syndicate ringleader nabbed in Melbourne's south-east

Media reaction to the newsworthy first presidential debate

Joe Biden had a bad night. That was the story from Thursday’s debate — not anything Trump said, whether it was true or not.

‘Not afraid to die’: Kenya tax protests inspire broader demand for change Al Jazeera

Kenya shocked as protests over finance bill turn deadly in Nairobi Al Jazeera

Internet goes dark in Kenya in the wake of major protests over finance bill TechCrunch

A TikTok revolution? Africa Is a Country

Biden designates Kenya as ‘major non-NATO ally’Anadolu Agency

10 Geopolitical / Financial Risks to the Global Economy Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds

Remittance flows to low-middle-income countries moderated in 2023, reaching $656 billion: World Bank Middle East Economy

THERE HE GOES AGAIN: Elon Musk to Become the World’s Richerest Man

Gassy cows and pigs will face a carbon tax in Denmark, a world first 

Zero Progress on Zero Days: How the Last Ten Years Created the Modern Spyware Market (PDF) Nebraska Law Review

Traditional rules-based systems for detecting payments fraud are increasingly inadequate due to the complex schemes devised by fraudsters. This leads to high false positives and limited adaptability. Predictive artificial intelligence (AI) improves on this by reducing false positives and adapting to new schemes using machine learning. However, generative AI, employing unsupervised or semi-supervised learning techniques, excels at detecting subtle and novel fraud patterns in unstructured data. This significantly enhances fraud detection capabilities.

"From approximately May 2015 through approximately April 2023, Wang allegedly engaged in a schemeto fabricate and falsify scientific data in grant applications made to the NIH on behalf of himself and the biopharmaceutical company," the DOJ said in a statement.

According to the DOJ fraudulent grant applications using the false data sought funding from the NIH.

The funding requests purported to be for "a potential treatment and diagnostic test for Alzheimer's disease and resulted in the award of approximately $16 million in grants from approximately 2017 to 2021, part of which funded Wang's laboratory work and salary. "

Professor Hoau-Yan Wan

Biden Crashes, Trump Lies: A Campaign-Defining Presidential Debate

Yves here. The presidential debate last night is likely to go down as being of historical importance, in the same league as the Kennedy-Nixon debate. But here, instead of demonstrating how the then-young medium rewarded good looks and a confident affect, here it showed two men, which as often happens with the aged, having become […]

Supreme Court Delivers Major Blow to Free Speech in Murthy v. Missouri Ruling

A very bad day for what passed for free speech in the US.