Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Art And Knowledge in Times of Crisis

Art And Knowledge in Times of Crisis MisInfoCon: “Framer Framed, a contemporary art museum in Amsterdam, recently opened a new exhibit called “Really? Art and Knowledge in Time of Crisis.” The exhibit explores concepts like weaponizing ignorance and politicizing knowledge, and offers a digital walkthrough of its piece.”

Ray McGovern: Will Putin Attack Poland & the Baltics? Consortium News

German intelligence official travels to Lebanon to discuss preventing Israel-Hezbollah war and Blinken: Israel effectively lost sovereignty in north due to Hezbollah Jerusalem Post

Uncovered: 428-year-old secret dossier reveals Elizabeth I’s network of spies Guardian 

Form of B12 deficiency in cerebral spinal fluid found to negatively affect the central nervous system. “In 2014, a team of doctors found themselves having difficulty diagnosing a 67-year-old female patient with symptoms typically associated with B12 deficiency—she had difficulty speaking, tremors and ataxia. Blood tests showed no B12 deficiency. . . . The team conducted a spinal tap to analyze the patients’ cerebral spinal fluid. What came back was a surprise—the patient had almost no B12 in the fluid that bathes the brain and central nervous system, suggesting something was preventing it from crossing the blood brain barrier.”

One more time…but likely not the last time…please stop using Google. Via Search engineLand. Nearly 60% of Google searches end without a click in 2024 – “A majority of Google searches – 58.5% in the U.S. and 59.7% in the EU – result in zero clicks. A zero-click search happens when users end their session or enter a new query without clicking on any results. This data comes from a new zero-click search study published by Rand Fishkin, SparkToro’s CEO and co-founder, based on clickstream data from Datos, which is owned by Semrush…The report. 2024 Zero-Click Search Study: For every 1,000 EU Google Searches, only 374 clicks go to the Open Web. In the US, it’s 360.”