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How Thomas McGuane Went From Academic Ignominy to Literary Icon

   We Used to Think Everybody Heard a Voice Inside Their Heads – But We Were Wrong Science Alert

Global tourism is booming. These people would rather it wasn’t BBC

Trends - Decline of the pre-work coffee: why more Australians are skipping their weekday cafe breakfasts

The Closing of the Internet Mind Zero Sum

Writing A Memoir? Maybe Reconsider?

Before you start yours, consider this: What you think is riveting about your life might not seem so to others. As one publisher put it, too many submissions are “just the writer’s own story, which is ultimately boring.” - The Atlantic (MSN)

      Thomas McGuane Q & A(s)

       At Hour Detroit Geoff Koch has a Q & A with the author, in How Thomas McGuane Went From Academic Ignominy to Literary Icon
       McGuane also has story in this week's issue of The New Yorker, and so Deborah Treisman has a Q & A with him about it.

      Sophie Kerr Prize

       Washington College has announced the winner of this year's Sophie Kerr Prize, "the nations largest literary award for a college student" -- paying out just over US$77,000 this year (which, as they note, "totals more than the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award combined" -- though it's down from last year's $79,826) -- and it is Sophie Foster; "Primarily a poet, her work largely tends to personal internality and inclinations toward the natural world".
       See also all the finalists.

Roger Scruton, 1944—2020 On the life and work of the brilliant and tireless philosopher.

Print Isn’t Dead As Christie’s Relies On Print Catalog After Cyberattack Takes Control Of Website

The auction house said that “the marquee sales that account for nearly half of its annual revenue would continue, despite the company having lost control of its official website last Thursday in a hack that is testing the loyalty of its ultrawealthy clients amid its spring auctions.” - The New York Times

Our Complicated Relationship With Nostalgia

Even if nostalgia is a less “dangerous emotion” today than it seems to have been to the Swiss soldiers, it well deserves to be taken seriously and sympathetically. - The Guardian

Where Are The Movies That Can Earn $100 Million On Opening Weekends?

"For the first time in over a decade — excluding the worst of the COVID-19 crisis — no movie opening during the first six months of the year has come close to hitting the $100 million mark in its domestic launch." Indeed, the last one to do so was last summer's Barbie. - The Hollywood Reporter

Morgan Spurlock, Who Made Documentaries “Super Size Me” And “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,” Has Died At 53

After Super Size Me, in which he ate only at McDonald's for a month (and suffered for it), Spurlock was for a time as prominent a documentarian as Michael Moore, producing 70 films on subjects like consumer susceptibility to marketing (The Greatest Movie Ever Sold) and minimum wage labor (30 Days). - Variety

García Márquez Didn’t Think “One Hundred Years Of Solitude” Could Be Adapted. Will Netflix Prove Him Wrong?

Netflix’s VP of Latin American content. asked if the miniseries will work out like those multi-generation-family hits Game of Thrones and The Crown, replied, "Well, the Buendías are certainly more fun than the Windsors." As Gabo knew, the raw material is there and the execution is the hard part. - Vanity Fair