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14 Free Online Tools You Should Know About

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May I say how honoured I am to have been named the new Chair of the Nine Entertainment Board.
 I’d like thank Peter for his excellent stewardship over the years and also announce that Married at First Sight is axed.

Nine board chairman Peter Costello quits

“Where did you get your humility? I thought that was an extinct virtue.” 

Creating anything worthwhile, whether joke, villanelle or pot of lentil soup, calls for pride and humility. Pride because one presumes to add to the world’s bounty and impose it on others; humility because one acknowledges teachers and submits to lessons learned. Nothing is done from scratch.


In the passage quoted above, George Santayana is writing to the American-born English writer and critic Logan Pearsall Smith on this date, May 24, in 1918. Santayana refers to Trivia, Smith’s collection of aphorisms and brief anecdotes, often comic but gently pointed, first published in 1902. More Triviafollowed in 1921 and All Trivia in 1933. Smith’s tone is deceptively breezy …

Eating Pomegranates May Improve Memory and Help Treat Alzheimer’s Disease, Study Finds

Pausing for Men

Gizmodo, famed gadget blog, sold to French media company

WaPo Op-Ed: The Dressing Room Encounter That Made Me Get Real About Aging

How did the tiger get its stripes, the cheetah its spots? Alan Turing set out to explain nature's patterns, and sort of succeeded... 

Difference In Energy From One Person To Another?

“Some people are more alive than others. Even permanently so.” I find that true to my own experience, even if it is hard to state clearly in what form such vitality exists. - Lapham's Quarterly

Articles of Note

How did the tiger get its stripes, the cheetah its spots? Alan Turing set out to explain nature's patterns, and sort of succeeded... more »

Articles of Note

The Gulag Archipelago, which catalogs countless deaths, unimaginable cruelty, and the worst of human nature, is a work of optimism... more »

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How can we believe in the power of language when our words are no longer reflective of any divine order? Charles Taylor investigates... more »

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The aim of solitude, wrote Montaigne, was “to live more at leisure and at one’s ease.” Don’t confuse that with loneliness... more »

A Once-In-A-Generation Talent At NY City Ballet

Now, at just 23, she is a principal dancer with New York City Ballet, approaching the close of a momentous season at Lincoln Center, where her versatility, artistry and jaw-dropping abandon have made her seem like a ballerina superhero. - The New York Times

14 Free Online Tools You Should Know About

Gizmodo: “When web browsers first began to support apps and interactivity, the functionality was basic and slow—but now online apps can do almost as much as desktop apps can, and, more importantly, these online tools are free. So, if you’ve got a quick computing job that needs doing, you can open up a web browser to get it done—there’s no need to pay for a Windows or macOS utility to download and install. Here are some of our free favorites when it comes to tasks you can quickly do inside a browser tab.”