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The Hot New Luxury Good for the Rich: Air

The many rock pools that have survived for decades along the NSW coastline are an iconic reminder of times past as well as an essential part of our present and future coastal communities (“Swimmers, watch out for crumbling pools”, February 25). Community members meet early in the morning, often before dawn, and throughout the day to swim laps, converse and allow friendships to flourish. All without paying a cent. Not only must the pool structures be maintained, reconstruction must be carefully planned to make no mistakes in tidal flush-outs and seaweed minimisation. Our forebears knew and understood the currents and wave pattern and built accordingly. We must insist their knowledge is utilised for best possible reconstruction. Mistakes have been made in our area in the past, with dire circumstances and the pools left smelly with weed and dangerously unswimmable as a result. Our ocean pools must be maintained as an essential part of our history and a memory to those many who built this country before us.
Janice Creenaune, Austinmer

We must maintain rock pools to preserve Sydney’s history

Biden, 81, says the key to his marriage is ‘good sex’: How Joe infuriates Jill, his wife of 47 years, with VERY risqué joke to staff about their private life (even though they aren’t shy about PDA) Daily Mail

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The Hot New Luxury Good for the Rich: Air The New Republic. “You know the air is good, he told me, because the hydrangeas last. Typically, when cut at the stem and arranged in a vase, the delicate flowers wither and droop in a few days. In his apartment, the blooms will stay perky for nearly two weeks.” Perky. The observant have known that rich understand #CovidIsAirborne since Davos in 2023, when #DavosSafe was coined. NC readers have known since 2022: How Ashish Jha and Rochelle Walensky of Newton, MA Protect Their Children from Covid (But not Yours). Now the story reaches the liberal end of the mainstream.

In the tapestry of real-life narratives, there exist tales that transcend the boundaries of imagination, leaving us spellbound and questioning the very fabric of reality. In this captivating exploration, we delve into the intriguing accounts of ten individuals who have generously shared their personal experiences, each woven with an incredible plot twist that defies anticipation.

10 People Shared Real Life Stories With Unbelievable Plot Twists

 More women are psychopaths than previously thought, expert claims – these are the 7 key signs to look out for.

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