Friday, February 09, 2024

The Tory abuse of freedom

Public servants face sanctions over robodebt 

Four public servants have been handed preliminary determinations that they breached the APS code of conduct for their role in the illegal robodebt scheme while a further 11 people have been told they may have, as investigations continue (Canberra Times).

The Australian Public Service Commission provided an update on its investigation into public servants’ roles in robodebt following a referral from the royal commission.

It said 15 employees had been told they may have breached the public sector’s code of conduct, with four already issued an initial determination that they had breached it.

One of the 16 public servants referred to the commission for investigation was found to not have breached the code.

Commissioner Catherine Holmes found robodebt was a “crude and cruel scheme” that was a massive failure of public administration, and referred a number of individuals to the AFP, National Anti-Corruption Commission and the Public Service Commission (The Saturday Paper).

The APS Commission’s final findings and sanctions for the individuals will be delivered “once preliminary determinations are finalised”, with timing depending on the “complexity of each matter”.

Rishi Sunak’s tax for 2022/23: a Taxing Wealth Report 2024 case study

As has been widely reported in the media, Rishi Sunak’s tax return for 2022/23 was published yesterday. The data as published by his accountants has
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 5 Ways To Cope With A Toxic Boss (Without Quitting Your Job)

Toxic bosses are far too common. In fact, if you’ve worked with a toxic manager at some point, you’re no longer the exception. You're the rule. Nearly three-quarters (71%) of American workers have experienced a toxic manager at one time or another, and about a third (31%) are currently working under one. That’s according to a recent Harris poll of a nationally representative sample of 1,233 employed U.S. adults. 

The report refers to a toxic boss as “a boss or supervisor who has exhibited any toxic behaviors” like unprofessional conduct or micromanagement. Unfortunately, a jaw-dropping 53% of employees in the U.S. admit to working on weekends or over the holidays because of their horrible bosses.

The Tory abuse of freedom

As the Guardian notes this morning: The director of public prosecutions is appealing to the supreme court in an ongoing and expensive battle to overturn
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