Wednesday, February 14, 2024

U.K. Offshore Ownership Registry Reveals Luxury Properties Owned By Armenian Ex-President’s Family

 At least 150 ATO staff implicated in TikTok GST fraud 

Tax office row over PwC leaks investigation flares in Senate

Leaked Documents Provide Fresh Evidence About the Source of Payment to Journalist’s Assassin

Prosecutors in the case of a murdered journalist in Croatia suspected a 780,000-euro payment to one of the assassins was payment for the hit, but never established who sent the money. Leaked records reveal the name of the owner of the company behind the payment, and his business connections to the convicted killer.

U.K. Offshore Ownership Registry Reveals Luxury Properties Owned By Armenian Ex-President’s Family

Armen Sarkissian's family owns five previously unreported properties in and around London.

As Singapore Police Probe Money Laundering Ring, a Private Equity Entrepreneur Disappears

Liverpool man who inherited £100,000 lets 12 strangers give the money away.

Jonathan Eaton, RIP.  And more on his work in trade economics.

ACX grants from Astral Codex.  And new African School of Economics coming in Zanzibar.

The Monk and the Gun is a fun Bhutanese movie about the foundations of democracy (and markets).

Using AI to campaign and deliver your victory speech, while in jail.

Another 2014 post on Putin: “Putin is signaling to the Russian economy that it needs to get used to some fairly serious conditions of siege, and food is of course the most important of all commodities. Why initiate such a move now if you are expecting decades of peace and harmony?”

John Bruton, RIP (NYT, he negotiated peace with Northern Ireland and also set the corporate income tax rate low in Ireland and designed the referendum that overturned the country’s ban on divorce).

MEP CHRISTINE ANDERSON HAS THATCHER’S COMMITMENT TO RESTRAINING GOVERNMENT:  The German politician with the strength of Margaret Thatcher.

HERE I am, a German, invited into the UK Parliament to speak to you on freedom, democracy and the rule of law. You guys are really brave. And to make matters worse, I mean, literally adding insult to injury, it’s a German that’s speaking to you in an American accent. What could go wrong, right? [laughter] Now, but all joking aside, I’m very honoured, and I’d like to thank Andrew for the opportunity to be here to speak to you. And I tried to speak to as many people as possible before the event started, because . . . because that’s what I actually consider to be my job, to represent the people.