Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Packing in Profits While Fueling Conflicts? US Foreign Arms Sales Rocket to Record Highs

Tax Court Again Declines to Reconsider Its Holding that the Preparer's Fraud without the Taxpayer's Fraud Invokes Unlimited Statute of Limitations

Accounting firm PwC was busy getting its homework into the Tax Practitioners Board - PwC submits homework before Christmas

‘Higher scrutiny’ on all of us following PwC dramas, says Scyne

Packing in Profits While Fueling Conflicts? US Foreign Arms Sales Rocket to Record HighsSputnik

Hungry for profits SOMO. The deck: “How monopoly power tripled the profits of global agricultural commodity traders in the last three years.”

The Australian Public Service is drowning in data and faces a record keeping crisis

To beat Trump, we need to know why Americans keep voting for him. Psychologists may have the answer Guardian 

This is beyond stupid as well as condescending and wrong. Let’s start with the fact that members of the PMC, stereotypically but also more often that not actually, are extrensically motivated, despite their preening pretenses otherwise. 

By contrast, for some, voting for Trump is altruistic punishment. Altruistic punishment is when a member of a group punishes someone for group-harming behavior, incurring some costs and at no benefit to himself. The effort South Africa went to to pursue its case against the ICJ is an example. Here, at least some Trump voters are voting for Trump to punish the feckless Dems, knowing the cost they will incur is having the awful Trump as president.

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