Saturday, February 03, 2024

‘Even If You’re On Time, You’re Late’

The Teacher’s Lounge (NYT) is a superb movie, most of all about the collapse of social trust in Germany.  


Uncommon wealth Times Literary Supplement


Survey: Surprising number of managers want sick employees to come to work WTOP


Young people from poorer families make fewer friends (press release) University of Zurich


A new global gender divide is emerging FT. Well worth a read.

What is incoherence? Aeon

Why Some of Our Clothes Are Over 200 Million Years Old Atmos

A Counterintuitive Effect of Global Warming The Atlantic:

“Medieval cathedral builders learned from their design mistakes over the centuries, and their undertakings were a far larger drain on the economic resources and people power of their day than anything yet discussed for stabilizing the climate in the twenty-first century,” [William H.] Calvin wrote 26 years ago. “We may not have centuries for acquiring wisdom, and it would be wise to compress our learning into the years immediately ahead.”

Global groundwater depletion is accelerating, but is not inevitable (press release) University of California, Santa Barbara