Thursday, January 25, 2024

How Walmart’s Financial Services Became a Fraud Magnet

“When trouble arises and things look bad, there is always one individual who perceives a solution and is willing to take command. Very often, that person is crazy.”

― Dave Barry

Dogs, Cats, Horses And Even Parrots Are Inheriting Big Money The Messenger

The Economists Who Found the Richest Media Dragons 🐉 and People of All Time New Republic 

Why employees no longer feel loyalty towards their bosses, employers 

Business Insider. Lordie, look at the explicit expectation, that workers should be loyal. The only reason is pragmatic: so as not to weaken the enterprise (say by leaking confidential information) and therefore harm their job security. Otherwise, employers have no reason to expect or demand that workers do more than perform their assigned duties diligently. If bosses or companies are paternalistic, then it might be reasonable to expect some reciprocation. But how often do you see that these days?

 Search Engine Land – “The repercussions of negative, false and defamatory content on the web are profound for businesses and individuals, especially when it ranks highly on Google. 

This article explores nine of the most effective and commonly used strategies for removing negative content from the web. The effectiveness of these methods can vary due to changes in laws, search engine policies and your specific situation.”


Grabbing $300 billion of Russian assets is no panacea, West cautions in Davos Reuters

 How Walmart’s Financial Services Became a Fraud Magnet ProPublica

Children on Instagram and Facebook Were Frequent Targets of Sexual Harassment, State Says WSJ

Each Facebook User is Monitored by Thousands of Companies The Markup

How ‘sleeper agent’ AI assistants can sabotage your code without you realizing The Register. The deck: “Today’s safety guardrails won’t catch these backdoors, study warns.” Once again, the guardrails trope. Guardrails don’t help you if you’re on the wrong road entirely!

The 1944 CIA guide to sabotaging meetingssounds an awful lot like how Congress or large company meetings are run. “Insist on doing everything through ‘channels’. Never permit shortcuts to be taken in order to expedite decisions.”

IT Consultant Fined For Daring To Expose Shoddy Security The Register