Friday, January 19, 2024

Fujitsu Japan remains tight-lipped on the Post Office scandal

Commissioner says high number of real, potential or perceived declarations reflects a ‘robust conflict management processes’ but union says figure is ‘staggering’

Do you really think ministers will get justice for Post Office victims? Ask the Windrush families and think again

Fujitsu Japan remains tight-lipped on the Post Office scandal BBC

UK Post Office Horizon scandal now on TV

Jeremy Epstein <>
Sat, 13 Jan 2024 13:19:42 -0500
I'm sure many UK RISKS subscribers can say more, but a four-part docudrama
this month has brought to light the flawed Horizon accounting software used
by the UK Post Office, which has led to hundreds of people being falsely
accused of theft (and fined and even imprisoned) as a result of software
bugs. The show, called "Mr Bates vs. the Post Office", showed earlier in
January in the UK (not yet available outside the UK, although a VPN + a free
subscription to ITVX will do the trick).

The impact has been quite profound, with the Prime Minister Rishi Sindak
calling for legislation to overturn verdicts, and the former CEO of the post
office agreeing to return her CBE.  This is scant comfort to hundreds of
people whose lives were tremendously harmed by the prosecutions, including
at least four people who committed suicide.

The problems with the software are not new to RISKS readers - see for
example a note from Lindsay Marshall in RISKS 31.22 (in 2019), a followup
from Attila the Hun (sic) in RISKS 31.23, substantial details on one of the
cases from Stephen Mason in RISKS 31.51, and an update from David Lesher in

The problems behind this aren't new, having been recognized almost since
the software was rolled out nearly 25 years ago.

Fujitsu, the maker of the software, is seemingly not being held to account:

Much more detail in the Wikipedia page:

The RISKS?  Flawed software isn't new; what's sad is how many have been
harmed, and how long it's taken before real action is (finally) occurring.

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