Thursday, August 24, 2023

Australians: Four from Romania, one from Poland, arrested for ATM skimming

No more hiding in the shadows as cyber gangs circle Australia

 Indiana: Man from India gets nearly four years prison; collected victim money sent by FedX in response to calls claiming the victims Social Security Number had been used in a drug crime; took in $1.5 million

India busts call center targeting Americans, arrest 115 people. Callers claimed to be US Customs, and said packages addressed to them contained illegal substances; had victims buy gift cards, supposedly to cancel the shipment

Poland, with help from Europol and the FBI, shut down operation that provided scammers with bulletproof hosting that let them do cyber attacks; arrest five

Singapore police arrest ten who pushed apps on social media that  allowed scammers to get access to bank accounts and steal money

Fake Check fraud up dramatically; crooks rob letter carriers, steal mail from boxes; thefts up 78% over the last year; FINcen says complaints to banks have nearly doubled over two years

Florida: Man gets 8 years prison for interstate moving fraud; used brokers, and raised price after loading
goods; must repay nearly $3 million; codefendant also goes to prison

Arizona:  Nigerian man extradited from the UK gets 87 months prison; two other Nigerians extradited from
Spain plead guilty to scheme that mailed letters to elderly in the US claiming they were due an inheritance but first had to send money for various fees

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