Tuesday, August 08, 2023

AI Remote work is killing productivity, the experts and CEOs say—except it just surged the most in nearly 3 years

 Remote work is killing productivity, the experts and CEOs say—except it just surged the most in nearly 3 years Fortune (Kevin W). ZOMG, this is what yours truly predicted with work from home, once the bugs were ironed out. A lot of office time is devoted to meetings which are largely time sinks but serve for management to assert authority. Another in-office time sink is gossip and politicking. The second time-waster does not go away with work from home but is reduced. 


Google Offers Employees On-Campus Hotel ‘Special’ To Lure Workers Back To the OfficeCNBC


Global Graduate Outlook Survey 2023 CFA Institute. Micael T: “….”finance has replaced healthcare and medicine as the top-ranked profession in terms of career prospects.’ Killing the host, killing the host.” 


$30: The Entrance Fee to America’s Museums Keeps Rising New York Times. This is far from the most important injustice suffered by the poor and even the middle class, but it is a disgrace that museums are not free. Look at the messages: Poor people do not deserve free access to beautiful things and spaces. Poor people are not capable of appreciating high culture. 


What Can You Do When A.I. Lies About You?New York Times. 

People need to grow up and learn the limits of this type of technology. It is impossible to prevent incorrect information coming out of a tech that is essentially only (a very good) auto-complete engine. AI does not remove the responsibility of human’s in the loop, and if there is no human in the loop, then who cares what some AI said?

If your neighbor asks a Magic Eightball if you stole their Amazon package, and then decides to act relying solely on that information, then you should be able to sue your neighbor if they defame or damage you erroneously. However, suing the manufacturer of the Magic Eightball is ridiculous. It’s also like suing your weather app when your event is ruined because there was a storm on a day that it said would be clear. 


How bonds ate the entire financial system Financial Times (Kevin W). Ahem, private equity is far and away the biggest source of fees not only to major financial firms but also the most prestigious and influential law firms in the US and UK, and the big international consulting firms too.