Friday, July 21, 2023

In Heat and Smoke

Reddit is removing years of chats and messages

There may be a way to recover some data

Ripple’s open market sales of XRP cryptocurrency aren’t securities, court rules in landmark decision Fortune

Founder of crypto lender Celsius Network arrested, charged with fraud Reuters

Frank founder Charlie Javice gave JP Morgan millions of names and emails for college students she said were customers, but ‘it was all fake,’ prosecutor says Business Insider


  Sports (not) at The New York Times 

       In the early days of this site, at the turn of the millennium, there were still quite a few newspaper book sections out there -- but already also a lot of complaining how they were unsustainable. Even regarding The New York Times Book Review there was lots of discussion about how it wasn't paying its way and about downsizing it -- which repeatedly led me to compare it to the NYT's Sports section, wondering what the excuses were for sustaining that, given how few ads were found in its pages. As I asked more than 20(!) years ago: "why isn't the Sports section being cut back ? (Radically cut back -- this thing looks like a complete dud.)". 
       Well, that argument is over, and that day has come: as Katie Robertson and John Koblin report at ... The New York TimesThe New York Times to Disband Its Sports Department(presumably paywalled)
       Sports coverage at The New York Times has been terrible for a few years now, as they shifted from comprehensive sports coverage to far fewer, often long-form stories more appropriate for a magazine than a daily newspaper; obviously, it was not the way to go either. 
       Apparently: "Coverage of games, players and leagues will now come primarily from" something called 'The Athletic'-- which The New York Times bought last year ..... Amusingly, The New York Times reported some six years ago on Why The Athletic Wants to Pillage Newspapers (presumably paywalled), reporting on The Athletic's "vulture strategy" -- its new owner the latest (willing) victim that's been eviscerated. 
       See also the official corporate spin, as A.G.Sulzberger and Meredith Kopit Levien explain Our Plans for Sports Journalism. (Apparently, it's all about the "subscription strategy" .....) 

       Rahul Soni Q & A 

       I reviewed Rahul Soni's translation of Shrikant Verma's Magadh when it came out, almost a decade ago, and apparently he's now published a revised translation, and at Sayari Debnath now talks to him: "about revisiting Magadh after a decade, his translating philosophy, editing translations, and what makes him take on a translation project", in ‘I find the constraints of the original text liberating to work with’: Translator Rahul Soni