Saturday, July 31, 2021

TED: The ancient origins of the Olympics

 Thousands of years in the making, what began as part of a religious festival honoring the Greek god Zeus in the rural Greek town of Olympia has today become the greatest show of sporting excellence on Earth. 

TED: The ancient origins of the Olympics

FOLKLORIC - FINALLY: Break Dancing Will Be An Olympic Sport In 2024.

Want To Spread A Complicated Idea? Social Media Influencers Can’t Help

Surprisingly, the researchers discovered that new and provocative ideas emerge at the edge of networks, from people with fewer contacts and little obvious pull. - Fast Company

English spelling is ridiculous. Sew and new don’t rhyme. Kernel and colonel do. Why?   … Why 

How US Teen Culture Took Over The World

Universal secondary education not only elevated Americans by spreading relevant knowledge and skills to the masses. It also gave rise to a more complex social and cultural transformation, as the adolescent period became pivotal in shaping who we are. - Aeon

New York’s Dreamy, Disorienting Reopening (photo essay) The New Yorker.