Friday, October 23, 2015

Unexplained Superstitions

INK BOTTLE“We hanker to go on, even in the face of plain evidence that long, long lives are not necessarily pleasurable in the kind of society we have arranged thus far. We will be lucky if we can postpone the search for new technologies for a while, until we have discovered some satisfactory things to do with the extra time.”
~ Lewis Thomas, The Lives of a Cell: Notes of a Biology Watcher
Sydney Sculptures by Sea (SSS): Divided Plan et

In the 1980s some psychologist in the US conducted an experiment with immigrants from the old Soviet block. They took them to a supermarket and got them to buy basic items like bread, milk, toilet rolls. What do you think happened? How to avoid technology depression

If You’re Not Paranoid, You’re Crazy Atlantic *Sigh*. You cut down your exposure a lot by not having a Facebook account and having only stupid devices. [Abstract by Yasu Jani aka John Papadopolous (sic) of Evil Monkeys Eye fame From the wizard of oz to harry potter the best witches to make you feel wicked]

In recent Wall Street Journal TT reviews the off-Broadway transfer of Eclipsed, a new Broadway revival of The Gin Game, and the New York premiere of Unseamly. Here’s an excerpt  A world made by madmen 

Alien hunters and their conspiracy theorist counterparts believe they’ve found the latest evidence of life on Mars. In a somewhat imaginative declaration, some believe they have spotted a buddha statue on the red planet. According to Scott C. Waring writing for, the statue of a “stunning Martian god” proves that intelligent life once existed on Mars.
An Aussie man and his girlfriend were taken to a police station in India, after activists threaten to “skin” him for having a glossy tattoo of a Hindu goddess on his leg. Matt Gordon later described the incident as a “traumatising situation” on Facebook, and said he did not deserve to be “victimised”. Read more here 

Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan says former prime minister a suspected paedophile

For Offenders Who Can’t Pay, It’s a Pint of Blood or Jail Time New York Times. It will soon be a kidney…

According to Listverse, the Hoia-Baciu Forest in Transylvania is second on the list of the world’s most strange and unique (read haunted) forestsWhen most people think of Transylvania, their minds conjure up images of castles, Dracula, and other vampire happenings. More recently however, Transylvania has become known for its Hoia Baciu Forest. Some people have gone as far as to state that this forest is the “Bermuda Triangle” of Romania.
Haunted Circle ;-)
The locals believe that the clearing is the home of the ghosts that haunt the forest. Numerous photographs have been taken at the clearing that appear to show floating shapes and the outlines of human beings. 
Twisted legs
To add fuel to the fire, many of the trees in the forest are distorted, twisted, and misshapen to the point they resemble something out of a nightmare.  This chilling landscape does little to calm anyone who dares to walk among the trees. Dragons, Drakulas, Danubes ...

Wild aurochs-like cattle reintroduced in Czech Republic Associated Press

Better Living Through Venom New Yorker ... Gee, I was hoping the article was referring to the sort we dispense here from time to time.