Saturday, October 03, 2015

Sydney Shooting, Oregon college shooting, Ikea Murders

The fatal shooting of a police employee outside the force's headquarters by a 15-year-old boy was a politically motivated attack linked to terrorism, NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says. Parramatta shooting: Andrew Scipione says teen shooting linked to terrorism

IKEA bloodbath in Sweden has thrown the progressive country into violent chaos as the refugee crisis takes its toll.
Last month, a devastated asylum-seeker who had been refused refuge responded with an alleged double-murder at the iconic furniture store, sending shockwaves around the nation.
Abraham Ukbagabir was told he would have to seek asylum in Italy because he had been “the subject of some altercation” there, according to a police report seen by The Washington Post.
A fellow Eritrean staying at the same shelter near Vasteras, 100 kilometres west of Stockholm, had just been granted permission to stay, and Ukbagabir was consumed with envy.
The furious 35-year-old invited his more successful compatriot, Yohannes Mahari, to accompany him to Ikea to buy a mobile phone. He led the younger man to the kitchenware department and began picking up pots and then butcher knives, slipping off the packaging on the blades.
Before a nervous Mahari could figure out what was going on, the older man had stabbed a Swedish mother and son and plunged the knife into his own stomach ... Ikea

Christopher Harper-Mercer was withdrawn and quiet as he grew up in southern California, spending most of his time indoors at his mother’s apartment and deflecting neighbors when they asked him how he was doing, or why he always wore the same outfit of combat boots and green Army pants. But there was one subject that got him to open up: guns
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