Monday, March 31, 2014

The Terror Of One-Star Book Reviews: Everything about Something

Go find a book you love. Click the one-star reviews – there will always be some. Cancel your plans for this evening. But one-star Amazon reviews are more than a space for performance art or green-ink rantings. Some authors believe that they amount to “bullying” Your book sucks: are authors being bullied with one-star Amazon reviews? 

Polish crime fiction
“And in a field that has been dominated by British, American and, most recently, Scandinavian writers, [Poland] seems poised to grab the attention of crime fiction fans around the world.” The secret ingredient? Poland’s tangled 20th-century history. Such as the Great EscapeGentlemen and ladies, this is the Cold War warming up and you have front row reading seats.

The Next Big Thing in Crime - High Tatra Mountains

  And there is the oldest and deepest desire, the Great Escape: the Escape from Death A Piece of The Mountain of Crime

“The spruce are dense above the lake.
A thick, gray driftwood, sharp and bent,
Margins the shore with heavy lines.
The overhanging aspens shake
Their dry deciduous sentiment
Into the cool, reflected pines. 

“There is a limit here of tree
And water: form has gained its end,
Lost in continual reflection.
Through shades the glossy visions flee
And in a darker calm distend
Downward in shadowy perfection. 

“Across the lake at evening, wild
And distant, like unhallowed ghosts,
The loons converse. Rotten and dank,
The logs jut rudely: split and piled
They slant into the dusk like posts
Unearthed and cast against the bank.” 

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