Saturday, March 29, 2014

Apple A Day as image tells a thousand stories

At this time three decades ago Dr Cope approved my leave without pay so I could visit my Slavic parent who managed to get to Austria - thanks to Wanda.   Havel    and Mandela were the real leaders of the underground movements ... Travelling back ... In time ;-) [Carl Orff died in 1982 aged 87 and is buried in his home town Munich - The cacophonic masterpiece that is O Fortuna was written by German composer Carl Orff in 1935 and is the opening and closing movements to Carmina Burana]

  And it has been 30 years since Apple set out  to put technology in the hands of people. There’s no doubt that their mission has had a profound affect on the world as we know it in 2014, but just what has this resulted in for the human race?

This new ad celebrating those 30 years was shot on one day, around the world, entirely on iPhones.
It’s a testament to what is great about technology and the boundaries that it is pushing forward, but how has it changed our perceptions of reality? Are we still even conscience of a true reality? Do we own the technology – or does the technology own us?