Sunday, September 21, 2008

Media Dragon was blogging since before there were blogs ;-)You can spend your time piping petroleum in protected public parks, peddling pro-life propaganda for unplanned pregnancies, and putting lipstick on pigs, polar bears, and police state politics. There are Chasers on War on Everything who provide poignant parodies of political party's predictable platforms and pathetic public policies
Despite what some graduates are told by executives during work experiences success is not everything. Once we learn to define failure as an opportunity to learn, instead of a reason to be ashamed, the better our lives will be. No shame in failing

Lessons From the Poor Turmoil sends US stocks tumbling
There can have been few weeks in the history of the global financial markets that have seen events of such magnitude as that we have just witnessed.

Financial Frankenstein ; [Treasury Opens Vault; Gangs of Robbers Rush In,; Does Wall Street Have a Death Wish? ; Google on Stephen King’s Anatomy of Economic Meltdown ]
• · An enduring myth of economic development is that lifting poor countries out of poverty requires transfers of wealth from rich countries--usually through grants, cheap credit and subsidies. In a recent op-ed for Barron's, and based on his recent book Lessons from the Poor: Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit, Independent Institute Senior Fellow Alvaro Vargas Llosa argues that government transfers have little to do with economic success. The dirt-poor ; Half the people in the world live on two dollars or less per day and roughly 600 million live on no more than one dollar per day. The Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit
• · Both McCain and Obama claim to promote "change." Skepticism comes not only from doubting their willingness to implement meaningful change, but also in their ability to do so. Change Congress, Urges Donald Downs: A New Congress Would be Change to Believe in; Political cartoons are a ubiquitous form of satire which assists the public to interpret political life How political, satirical cartoons illustrated Australia's workchoices debate
• · · In The Blogging Revolution Antony Loewenstein takes us on a personal journey through some of the more difficult places in the world to blog. Iran, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and China. Holidays in blogging hell; SOMETIMES language can obscure as much as it reveals, particularly when the world changes faster than our ability to create new vocabulary Before we criticise Media Dragons and bloggers, let’s define our terms
• · · · Malcolm is an iceberg swimmer and a character who even swam the Cold River - Malcolm Turnbull had no idea, as he was wafting home to Australia at the weekend from Venice, that within days he would be installed as Liberal leader. His own judgement, for once, was to go gently - to let Brendan Nelson's foundering leadership die a natural death, and not to push anything. But Nelson wasn't going to wait around for that ignominious end He took the plunge - and landed badly; Malcolm Turnbull could reshape the Liberal Party and, ultimately, Australia Turnbull the great contradiction ; Australia has never had a political leader quite like Malcolm Turnbull. The rise of Malcolm Turnbull ; The term poisoned chalice wasn’t coined for nothing;

• · · · · Like my surname, Malcolm Turnbull is a rich man. Estimates of his net worth range from $125 million to $140million, which easily makes him the wealthiest man in federal politics. In the vernacular, he is a silvertail, though most people know his wealth and influence came by dint of hard work and application rather than as a result of having been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Turnbull's Turn; Voters impressed by wealth of ideas ; Kerry Packer's ambitions for the Fairfax empire came unstuck with the sundering of his friendship with Malcolm Turnbull. FEW if any media issues in Australian history have provoked such a widespread and strong public response as Kerry Packer's 1991 bid to buy 14.99 per cent of Fairfax as part of the Tourang syndicate with the (now disgraced) Canadian press proprietor Conrad Black and the American private equity group, Hellman and Friedman. Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser had barely spoken to each other in the 16 years following the vice-regal dismissal of Whitlam’s government in November 1975, but in 1991, for the first time ever, they shared a political platform to oppose this threat of yet further media concentration. How Packer slipped on Fairfax - with help from Malcolm Turnbull
• · · · · · Without links, the Liberals are doomed Without ideas, the Liberals are doomed ; Google Does it better; Political links

CODA: Malcolm and I also love the BA Pool not just the icy berg - 100 YEARS SINCE "THE BOY" COMPETED IN THE OLYMPICS Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool