Friday, September 12, 2008

All books are either dreams or swords, you can cut, or you can drug with words. Words are the most powerful drugs used by mankind. Getting it first and getting it write what a tension …

Blogs offer a window into mainly middle-class segments of societies rarely examined in the West. Speaking for themselves - the culture of blogging; BLOGGING is an inelegant term for an often inelegant activity. It is easy to be turned off by bloggers for whom civil discourse equates to personal insult — anonymously delivered — but this undersells the vast range of blogging swirling through cyberspace. Bloggers lead revolution - Lindsay Tanner blogs exclusively for Business Day

Hungry Media Dragon The Emotional Digital Tribe
As it evolves, who can miss the fact that the Internet is becoming more and more emotional? To claim it was an emotional place even five years ago raised eyebrows

Many people, and not only young ones, have learnt to share how they feel online in ways that would have been inconceivable when we began our tentative attempts at those mysterious functions: email, browsing, search, purchasing and blogging. If you still have doubts about this reshaping of cyberspace, visit We Feel Fine. This wonderful site is the brain child (or is it lovechild?) of Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar. The site is inspired by a simple idea about a simple phrase. The phrase is “I feel” (or “I am feeling”) and the idea is to gather together all the instances where it appears on the Web. Harris and Kamvar then present them in what they call 'six movements'. This has nothing to do with orchestral music, and is all about six different and interesting ways they have identified to theme their examples. And, as usual, examples explain the idea best:
I feel pretty.
I feel I don’t really have a clue what love is.
I feel the ghosts were cool but unnecessary.
I feel so lonely.
I feel like every time I find a product I really rave about, they change it.
I feel that I’m somehow being blackmailed into using Facebook.
Etc. Etc.

Strangely compelling; [The Blogging Revolution author Antony Loewenstein introduces us to members of the Digital tribe ; Finally the power of paradox is gaining ground. F. Scott Fitzgerald probably captured the idea best when he suggested that "The ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function is the sign of a first-rate intelligence Either/Or are driven crazy ]
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• · Spring of Quotes; Google: Wall Street Correspondent Lehman Brothers effectively put itself up for sale yesterday alongside a last-ditch restructuring to stem Blogging Quotes ; Live-Blogging the Lehman Conference Call- Wall Street - Deal Journal is blogging the conference call, which is hosted by CEO Dick Fuld and Bart McDade Blogging Media Dragons
• · · Internet campaigners for civil liberties and women's rights pay a high price for their "online crimes" Battle of the blogs; Steve Jobs has taken the stage at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and he looks about as thin as he did at the Worldwide Developers Conference. But he acknowledged the controversy swirling around his health by pointing to a sentence on the screen that read, "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. Blogging live from the Apple event
• · · · As the rabbi of Congregation Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem in Cote St. Luc, Quebec, 46-year-old Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz not only gives sermons from the bimah, he has also found a way to offer words of wisdom through a virtual pulpit, by blogging. Blogging rabbis reach out to the world ; Elected government officials and members of the news media often are engaged in a strange, sometimes awkward dance in which each partner tries to lead without stepping too hard on the other's toes Rolly: Blogging legislators blast the Deseret News and reporters over news story
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• · · · · · With blogging, it is possible the only real protection is to stay anonymous. It worked for London prostitute Belle de Jour, and while it can be frustrating not to get the acknowledgement you feel you deserve for your insightful polemic and creativity, it's altogether safer. When personal and professional worlds collide: Social networking and blogging ; The whole subject smacks of narcissism. Why Blog???