Wednesday, June 19, 2024

NSW Budget - Russia Officially Becomes World’s 4th Largest Economy, Passing Japan

NSW budget 2024 as it happened: State faces decade in the red as Treasurer Daniel Mookhey hands down budget

The winners and losers of the NSW budget

New South Wales has been promised 30,000 new homes including 8,400 public housing dwellings under what the treasurer, Daniel Mookhey, says is the state’s largest ever investment in housing.

The Minns Labor government has revealed in its second budget that it will make what it describes as an “unprecedented intervention in the housing market” by using surplus public land for 21,000 new homes and spending $5.1bn on public housing that will be built and managed by Homes NSW.

Fishing Boats and Cargo Ships: How Colombian Cocaine Travels the World

As tax time is nearly here, researchers are calling on the Australian tax office to change a system that makes the ATO an unwitting accomplice in on-going abuse by family violence perpetrators. That is, the perpetrators saddle victim-survivors with massive debts.

Program: Calls for ATO to crackdown on financial abuse

Irina Mekhanikova - Top GC cosmetic injector embroiled in failed attempt to defraud Australian Taxation Office

MAJOR: Russia Officially Becomes World’s 4th Largest Economy, Passing Japan Simplicius the Thinker

Scammers Pose as Small Business to Sell Knockoff Goods PYMNTS. Sounds similar to Amazon.

Federal government to introduce legislation allowing CFMEU split, with union described as 'dysfunctional'

Intelligence Services Have Penetrated and Corrupted Human Rights NGOs, Says Former Senior Lawyer with the Office of the UN High Commissioner Covert Action Magazine

Barbara Pocock @BarbaraPocock Our world needs whistleblowers.

Donald Trump said Joan Rivers voted for him in 2016. She died in 2014

Keith “Keef” Leech Tesla leak: Australian man agrees to delete confidential company files he posted on social media

New York Times source code stolen using exposed GitHub token Bleeping Computer

FBI agents say they need more money to stay in the bureau Government Executive

Big Union Win in Virginia Schools where Bargaining Suddenly Legal Labor Notes


Wells Fargo fires workers for ‘simulating’ being at their keyboards FT


The health industry’s invisible hand is a fist Cory Doctorow, Pluralistic


Centuries of Childhood Res Obscura

ChatGPT vs. Microsoft Copilot vs. Gemini

ZDNet. Which is the best AI chatbo Artificialintelligence (AI) has transformed how we workand play in the past 18 months, allowing almost anyone to write codecreate art, and even make investments. For professional and hobbyist users, generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, offer advanced capabilities to produce decent-quality content from a simple user prompt. Keeping up with all the latest AI tools can get confusing, especially as Microsoft added GPT-4 to Bing Chat and renamed it Copilot, OpenAI added new capabilities to ChatGPT and released GPT-4o, and Google plugged Bard into its ecosystem and rebranded the chatbot as Gemini.Knowing which of the three most popular AI chatbots is best to write codegenerate text, or help build resumes is challenging. Let’s break down the biggest differences so you can choose the one that best meets your needs…”