Thursday, June 27, 2024

The Oprigin of the Spieces: Game-changing’: Vermont becomes first state to require big oil to pay for climate damages

Crême de la crim does it again!

Julian Assange Leaks Full Details of Peter Dutton’s Nuclear Power Plan

A first in the nation, Vermont’s Climate Superfund Act “directs the state to charge major fossil fuel companies potentially billions of dollars to pay for climate impacts to which their emissions have contributed”.

Evolution of war …

Send one of them off, Ref, We cannot compete 13 on 13

He's back, baby: Mitch masterclass secures precious medal 

A billionaire tax would raise $380 billion a year and make our tax systems fairer, report says

Peter Dutton's son Tom pictured holding bag containing 'white powder' This would seem like an exceedingly, extremely stupid thing to do.

Disgraceful hyper LNP partisanship from Neil Mitchell as he hones his utter hypocrisy to a razor sharp edge. Just humiliating THIS from the same Neil Mitchell who attacked Cath Andrews (wife of Dan Andrews) AND attacked the son of PM Anthony Albanese for being a member of the Qantas Chairman's Lounge that he was also a member! The rank hypocrisy of Mitchell is obscene.

Hundreds of Australian businesses will receive visits from the tax man and workplace watchdog today and over the next few weeks.

Australians losing superannuation savings to sophisticated new scam

  • In short: Lee Braz's entire super, $180,000, was stolen by scammers who used fraudulent documents to trick his fund.
  • He launched a four-year legal battle to get a refund from his super fund, but only got back a third, which didn't cover his legal fees.
  • What's next? Industry experts want the federal government to urgently increase security obligations, such as multi-factor authentication and checks on who owns a bank account when rolling over a member's super.

Super scammers defrauded Lee of his retirement savings. Industry experts are calling for better protections

The easy we make difficult, but it takes a long time.#Monetary Sovereignty – Mitchell

It’s Time to Learn How to Blow Things Up AgainForeign Policy

The Day After Tomorrow turns 20. “Twenty years after its release, it remains a unique specimen: a climate disaster blockbuster that adheres to all the tenets of the genre, while also explicitly attributing its carnage to the greenhouse effect.” 

The Green-Energy Revolution Shows What Real Innovation Looks Like. “Fossil fuel power is on its way out, replaced by renewable energy so cheap that it’s catalyzing spectacular innovations in all manner of long-established industries.”