Thursday, June 20, 2024


"Drunks", AKA persons with alcohol use disorders, Stephen King

“This is animal spirits now, it’s human emotion taking over,” said Ted Mortonson, a tech strategist at Baird. “Nvidia is a fantastic company, don’t get me wrong. There are lots of drivers [for the stock] . . . but -Nvidia - 40 per cent in a month, that’s not normal.”

Alzheimer’s Slowed by Intensive Lifestyle ChangesMedPage

DR. TURING, CALL YOUR OFFICE: People struggle to tell humans apart from ChatGPT in five-minute chat conversations, tests show

21st CENTURY HEADLINES: An AI bot for mayor? Wyoming election official says not so fast

Amid scorching heat, 900 people died this week in Saudi Arabia. Climate change has made the Hajj

Edward Snowden Says OpenAI Just Performed a “Calculated Betrayal of the Rights of Every Person on Earth.”

Plus: “‘I do think that the biggest application of AI is going to be mass population surveillance,’ Johns Hopkins University cryptography professor Matthew Green tweeted, ‘so bringing the former head of the NSA into OpenAI has some solid logic behind it.'”

The governments of the West have, for some reason, been mobilizing for war against their own populations for a while. What do you think that reason is?

WSJ Book Review: ‘Middle-Aged Tax Attorney’ At Center Of Treasury Department Team Using Financial Weapons To Bring Down Hitler …

Unlock your Digital Memories

“The main goal of the Web Design Museumproject is the mapping of past trends in web design that have been prevalent on the Internet from the creation of the first web site in 1991 until the mid-2000s. 

Our goal is to preserve the creative legacy of millennium web designers for future generations, because Internet users in 2030 will have little idea how unique the design of 2003 web sites was.”

PC Mag – The world’s largest social network is full of advanced features that you’re probably not using, so we dug deep into the settings menu to find the most useful ones for you. Despite its issues (and there are many), Meta’s Facebook remains today’s foremost digital public square. 

Politicians and journalists gravitate toward X/Twitter, Gen Z loves Snapchat and TikTok, and Facebook fills the gaps everywhere else. A few years of scandals have yet to make much of an impact on Facebook’s bottom line. 

Monthly active users on the platform in the US/Canada continue to go up. Facebook’s website and apps offer a bevy of personalization options. Read on to awaken your inner social networking guru…”

Retirees Look for Work Again in Biden’s Economy.