Friday, June 14, 2024

Australia: Man who was romance scam victim accepted shipments, which he did not know contained meth; released pending more investigation


The best business books aren’t in the management section

I expand on this theme in my latest Bloomberg column, here is one excerpt from that:

I thus have a modest proposal for anyone interested in business books: Read books about specific businesses or industries that you already know a lot about. That way, you will have enough contextual knowledge for the book to be meaningful. Of course many people don’t work at a company or industry big or famous enough that there are books about it, so I have a corollary proposition: You will learn the most about management by reading books about sports and musical groups.

And this:

Many music and sports books are not only written for obsessed fans, but also written by obsessed fans. Traditional business books, in contrast, are frequently written to get consulting work or on to the speaker’s circuit. The incentive is not to offend anybody and to put forward some “least common denominator” insights, rather than say anything truly original that might be complicated to explain. The end result is a bookstore section that would be mind-numbing to have to read.

There is much more of interest at the link, recommended.

EU heads worldwide effort against botnets; worlds largest effort; four arrested, searches done in Armenia, Netherlands, Portugal and Ukraine; over 100 servers closed down; used for ransomware and other fraud
North Dakota woman poisoned her boyfriend thinking he was to inherit $30 million; but the inheritance was simply a scam
WSJ: How a crypto romance scam cleaned out a senior citizen

Worth Remembering:  Eighty years ago the allies returned to Europe in the landings at Normandy, with the largest Armada the world had ever seen.  Thousands of brave men lost their lives in the desperate struggle on the beaches.  I was fortunate to have known one man who was there on Omaha and lived to tell about it.  I’m not at all sure that I would have been brave enough to have done this.  So take a moment to think about them today.

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