Thursday, May 02, 2024

PwC - ATO SES Reshuffle - Introducing Dark Web Monitoring for credential leaks

It started as a scandal in PwC’s tax division but the crisis of integrity in government consultancies has now engulfed the industry.

The Australian Government has spent billions of dollars on external contractors and consultants in recent years. But numerous allegations of unethical behaviour, which have been exposed in ongoing parliamentary inquiries, suggest major changes are needed to how the public service develops policy and conducts government work.

Exposing the Consultancy Cover-up

PwC keeps O’Neill at bay, citing ‘confidentiality’

Australians are losing $5,200 per minute to scammers. There's a way to cut that, but so far the government isn't keen

Friendly fraud: Aussie business owner reveals how fraudulent chargebacks are “killing” SMEs

ASIC Dane Stojic: Prohibited for $33,357,590.28.

Revenue NSW engaged in fines maladministration, says ombud

Critical findings against NSW system used to claw back state debt and unpaid fines

ATO SES reshuffle sees tech chief role booted down a rung

The Rise and Rise of David Allen

Qantas privacy breaches

What appears to be a disgruntled group of software engineers in the Phillipines seem to be behind a site exposing the data of up to one million people in what could become a massive potential identity fraud risk, after the details used to sign into many registered clubs was made searchable through an online portal this week.

DATA & PRIVACY BREACH: 18 NSW Club’s sign-in data exposed – possibly 1 Million people affected

As the landscape of cybercrime evolves, the challenge of navigating the fog of uncertainty is intensifying. The increasing frequency of false or misleading reports is creating a web of misinformation that sometimes makes discerning the truth about criminal cyber incidents virtually impossible.

Barnett's shuts after cyber attack cripples Illawarra trucking company

On Short-Short Blogging Random Notes. It’s nice to know there are still blogs out there, even if the platforms are attempting to starve them of readers and revenue while stealing their content. I found this through Kagi’s Small Web RSS feed. I’m not sure about Kagi as a business, but “Small Web” is a righteous endeavor.

SEC illegally tracking Americans who invest in the stock market, lawsuit claims New York Post  

Data on the economics of bookselling, designed to dissuade would-be authors

Layser: Privacy And Tax Information Collection: A Response To Blank And Glogower

Introducing Dark Web Monitoring for credential leaks

Proton Blog: “Your email address is your online identity(new window), and you share it whenever you create a new account for an online service. While this offers convenience, it also leaves your identity exposed if hackers manage to breach the services you use. Data breaches affecting online services are increasingly common, with tens of billions of records already leaked this year to the dark web, where credentials are often bought and sold. If your credentials leak, timely alerts are critical so you can take action to secure your accounts, prevent identity theft, and avoid financial losses. In recent months, we’ve released multiple security features designed to fortify your digital identity against attacks, and today we’re excited to launch another feature for everyone with a paid Proton plan: Dark Web Monitoring for credential leaks. You’ll find it in our new Security Center(new window) in Proton Mail …

MI5 to vet British academics for Chinese spy links – media RT